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  2. Than we do something else. Let them take all castles and stay on server only with this clan would you like it Nekys? Soon they will have all heroes.All hero,all castles and we will see if they will stay again to support you
  3. You can, this skill can reach +30 Power. Anyway my point is without enchant skill duration is 2 min, but can be confusing if played it before but had enchanted summon for long time and the time looks short now.
  4. If you participated in the last RF edition (GF), you should know that we stayed for 9+ months and supported server till the very end. We are not 'server jumpers'. Your comment is invalid, stop talking about loyalty if you don't have any solid background.
  5. Summary: siege info I wanted to comment it, but there is nothing to say. You choose the way you play. We accept it. But remember one thing, its not a pve game. GL HF
  6. I don't think u can enchant 28+ on interlude
  7. droped it today, i dont know much about cursed weapons, but i am almost sure that if i level it up and then drop it should reset.... 😄 but it didnt.
  8. Is possible to come close but not 5 min, if enchant the cat/unicorn 28+, time of the buff will reach 4 min and 45 seconds.
  9. Killed like 30-35 x4 mobs didnt got blue mob , if its not a big upset for you , you can try too in cruma 😛
  10. he didnt understand what u mean probably. it was working fine few days ago tho. i was spoiling cruma with 70 lvl char killing the mobs and it was fine. u sure its not working?
  11. So you are telling me that all cp's etc that go to spoil in every server for dc recs with main chars shouldnt get the recs but they do so every server is wrong ? 🙂
  12. This already works. I am playing with wolf and it can do that. This is not true. As far as I know hatchling has it's own inventory. I didn't use it to pick up items, because there are no drops and there is autopickup, and I pickup herbs myself. But I think pets can pickup herbs as far as I know. Disclaimer: I have a wolf, and everything you say works okay for me.
  13. 5 min LUL 5 min is PoF/PoW/PoW/CoV/VoP
  14. false. Spoil works excatly like drop. That's not a bug.
  15. also when u kill the zariche ( i killed 6 times ) i never get the wep. i dont know if im unliky or is a bug but pls check
  16. it works fine ,2min is the retail duration brother.
  17. The Hatclings should be able to pick up items and herbs and keep the items on their separate inventory. Herbs should not be shared like with summoner pets. They should be able to keep magic haste potion, health potions and alacrity potions in their inventory and use them when you click on them. These items should also be able to link to the hotbar.
  18. I think there is a problem with the cat and pony buff.It should last 5 minutes if im not mistaken but it lasts two..can u have a look please?
  19. DaBeast

    Clan CRP

    Still, 2 euro for 2k crp, when 2 euro = first class transfer.. still nope.
  20. como puede ser que una enana este boteando todo los dias y no se la banee. hace una semana que esta boteando en crypts of disgrace una enana llamada harley y su SE atras y no la banean. al ser respawn random como puede tarjetear al mob y salir directamente hacia el, eso es muy raro. nos hemos cansado de matarla y al rato esta de nuevo
  21. @etc you are right .Lets dont waste more time on forum and go back to farm 😉
  22. @SenoR well since you dont have something to hide why we are still talking.
  23. So basically i have noticed some changes the last 2 days in the server regarding drop and spoil from lower lvl mobs (6+lvl difference). In the pust i was hiting with mage lower lvl mobs (6-8 lvl lower) and i was geting both drops and spoil from them (my spoiler has the same lvl as the mobs). you did very WELL and you change the drops i shouldnt get drops (adena) and now im not , but with that change you also changed the spoil (mobs just dont get BLUE to sweeper) which is not correct. I shouldnt get drop adena and stuff cause im killing the mob with higher lvl mage but the spoil is independant and i should get the spoil loot since my spoiler has the same lvl with the mobs. tldr 66 lvl spoiler - 73 lvl mage . before i was geting adena and spoil in beast farm x4 mobs, you fixed the adena that i SHOULDNT take but you also made it not to take spoil (mobs NOT geting blue) that is wrong. ty PEACE
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