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  2. Could you give me XYZ from /loc while standing in the place where you can't fish?
  3. Did you select member to replace him with? In the picture it shows unselected.
  4. Hello, we tried to catch a fish in Hot Springs after it was said it's fixed. Sadly it's still not working. It says same quote like before: "You can't fish here." Like before we had a character with fishing more than 20 (that is requested for it), it had 23rd or 24th lvl in fishing skill. Like before, because of this it's not possible to get Decree for Ranbow Springs Clan Hall War. Thanks for your time.
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  7. https://imgur.com/a/rBae4Ao https://imgur.com/aomhKUy FIrst link is when i chose where to place him, second is what actually happened. Does clan leader need specific privileges?
  8. You have either no privilege, trying to move clan leader or didnt choose members correctly.
  9. When trying to move member from main clan to royal guard or order of knights, nothing happens.
  10. For me in such case, normally "The player declined to join your party" message is shown. Can you recheck please?
  11. It was a good idea for so short respawn time seeing is as a possibility for mass pvp, but as the server has just one "side" now, it's just to easy for them to farm it all. Opening the respawn time will give a chance to get some epics for a weaker clans. Maybe except the baium, cause its for a q.
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  13. Same for me, on 5 chars i have chat, on main i dont see ally and clan chat 😛
  14. its not apear info when invitation to party expire
  15. Hi, I don't use any website any website to check data, I use l2off droplist. I use IL Vanganth files, IL AdvExt, sometimes also C4 & GF ncsoft files. I have attached npcdata from both IL l2off packs, so you can check them out. https://mega.nz/file/oI0kXCxY#8Ewdg9meN3SLQhVvTjXB9-DlKuLKb_vFrQFZ3zkbvYw https://mega.nz/file/0J1lAZoZ#dOg47erti14emgV-5ZHYNLE2f9fM4cSmTBjiPNHqY3Ynpcdata.txt
  16. bump. you mean still working on other server's interlude files, no? 😮
  17. Que tal gente soy nuevo en el Server soy español y Me gustaría preguntar un par de cosas. Primero que pasa con las tiendas hay que tener un nivel mínimo para poner una tienda? Me he hecho una enana Spoiler para vender mats y no puedo poner tienda. Segundo la población hispana es numerosa ? Tercero desde cuando lleva abierto el servidor ? Se planea cambiar de crónica a corto plazo ? He entrado al Server por interlude no tengo ganas de volver a los Putos elementos. Cuarto cual es el clan/ally dominante ? Espero vuestras respuestas
  18. He is right though. You can also add L2 Cosmos to the list of servers they focus on. There will be no chronicle progression here, he got his money from the buff scrolls/class donations/VIP accounts and is letting it waste away. The community is just as at fault here though, people jump servers for something new and fresh, then rinse and repeat about 2 months later.
  19. Since previous topic got locked sorry to have to make a 2nd one. All i want is to ask @nekys for the website link that you are using in order to get the items drop rates. Since the ones we are checking are apparently all wrong, please provide us with a reliable one that is also aligned with the server. At least we can do some proper searches this way. Thank you
  20. Thanks for the attention. But Csn was rigth in level 20 I can use the Spoil. Now I can finish the Scavenger quest.
  21. Both links are Gracia Final droplist which are totally different especially in Primeval Isle. Both Vanganth IL, AdvExt IL and our server have the same drop chance for those items. Another thing is, you can't remember official drop chance, because ncsoft didn't share those.
  22. I checked l2j.ru as well but i am not sure it refers to interlude client, as the mob level is presented to be level 84, not 80, which is what we got here. On the other websites the mob level matches. But even if THIS is the correct rate, it still should be 5 times higher than what it currently is. Period.
  23. It's actually 0.2790% according to L2j.ru. I find it more accurate than any other website. STILL , 0,11% in x2 drop rate where in ALL other websites that take info from retail are higher? I mean this really needs to be fixed asap. Who knows how many drop lists are like this one? https://prnt.sc/tcgejo
  24. If thats true it needs to be fixed ASAP. My box is still without VOP bcz almost none xps there anymore to buy it and also bcz the chance is like 0.11% which is like SO lower than the rates that u posted.Really frustrating man..
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