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    well.. so after tonight's drama (which i don't see a reason for such a drama, it's not like a bug or something that one clan made a box clan and captured a castle) i came up with an idea of making the siege zone to teleport back to town everyone that is not defender or attacker, and guess what 😛 people flamed me in the chat because that's not retail!! Yeah i understand that, but since the majority requested, what's the point to flame me? Anyway i won't proceed with any change of course since you guys wanna play on a retail experience, i will respect that but please do not ask things and then make drama about them! GMs (and i am talking for my self and Maria) are not responsible at all if one clan is dominating the game, i am doing my work and i am delivering everything i promised, or at least i am trying my best 😛 so if you wanna say something you can start by opening a poll (like this one) and stop blaming the server for stuff like that 😄 As about the poll it self, thank you @etc for creating such a poll, i would like to see at least 80% of the majority though voting "YES" before i proceed on coding & implementing this on RaidFight! PS: Good night everybody, i have just finished tomorrows game update and i will add it in the morning and write a changelog ❤️
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    Hi hi! is anyone From old old RF playing here ?my clan was Legends of tempest and i had some fun battles with Simpleheave,yokels,doom squad etc😏
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    hello....i just got through fb adv....couln't believe rf is back....courious how many old players returned I was in MunsterHunter clan....miss those days
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    Nekys, you should ban all party when for example there are 3 characters in pt(spoil+support+something more) - spoiler spoiling on bot, other stays and sometimes heals, you ban only hitting character, why? you should ban all party. My advice: delete all inventory including weapon+armor, it will takes to botters more adena to rebuild it.
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    - Accessories that can be bought by donation, can no longer be sold in npc stores. - Monsters are now correctly returning to spawn after being far away. - Monsters will no longer change their target on you, after you heal your summon or pet. - Frenzy & Zealot are now correctly returned after relog. - After using two stealth skills at once and then cancelling on of them, effect of stealth will still be in effect. - Invocation now has retail visual effect. - Fixed issue with Triple Sonic Slash which could remove buff of target target, when his effect list is full. - Fixed issue with Banish Seraph that gave message of invalid target when it shouldn't - Fixed Max HP of few summons. - Message of last hit delt on the monster, is now shown before message of received Exp & SP. - All of the monsters in Coins of Magic quest are now giving quest items - Deleting Macro no longer causes other macros to have visual issues. - Fixed position of few npcs in Goddard Castle Town - Fixed recent issue that allowed your to get experience from monster that you didn't attack - Fixed black icons in your passive skills window.
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    Yesterday fights at baium were awesome!! Huge thanks to all participants who struggled to reach TOI 14. Was worth to wait more days for such an entertaining evening. 🤡
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    Online could be much more if col was not currency in the server .
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    Your debate is 30ppl vs 250ppl how you expect 30ppl to win a vote :) no offence but its not democratic just because more people vote for it . its like making a pole asking "should i give 10kk adena to every dark elf character or to every other character" and expecting dark elves to win :). Game is at it is you have to force people to become better and make alliances, or they will just take a castle that IMO they dont deserve and they will continue their gameplay - even BMing that they got a castle- instead of trying to get better or trying to communicate with other clans to make stronger alliance. I understand that in your prospective as GM it doesnt look good for the server etc, but if people are going to leave cause of that they will probably find another excuse to leave in the near future. Also game has rules and whoever joined an interlude server knows them so they cant "cry" cause you personally as GM following the rules that you promised (Interlude server). By voting Yes you force all the other people to communicate better and make a better alliance, its interlude and it has a cap eventually everyone will get good items and MAINLY numbers matter in interlude so all they have to do is Zerg. I Respect that you really trying to make a better gameplay for all your community but sometimes it can backfire, im not experienced as Developer Or GM so i dont know the point where it backfires, just saying :) PEACE
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    Good day fellow Raidfighter's. I've compiled a list of quests that give a worthwhile amount of adena for all you lovely people. Complete all these quests and you won’t be hurting for adena at the start of the server (almost certain to still hear people shouting ADENA PLZ however!). Just a few things to comment, I class low level as anything under level 35 (when you start second class quests). After this level all your quests are going to be for mats, enchants, recipes and items for future quests (Subclass & Noblesse as examples).Some classes have it really good at the start (Dark Elves mainly, Elves are alright as well) and some have it pretty brutal (Orcs) with making adena from quests. With Raidfight having free teleports however until level 40 (as well as Newbie Travel tokens), don't be afraid to move about in the world. Just make sure that the quest you want to do isn't race locked. I have also focused specifically on quests that reward you adena, there are other quests out there at these levels that are worthy to take (Black Swan for example) for items such as materials. Quest for Soulshot or Spiritshot : No Grade BeginnersNot really a quest for Adena but it saves you adena from buying no grade soulshots or spirit shots. This quest is a must do if you ever want to buy any gear or shots in the future. The quest for shots begins at level 6, however each race utilizes a different quest and different starting point. Don't forget to also pick up your Newbie weapon at level 6! Dwarves: The Hidden Veins. Start NPC Filaur in the Elder council of the Dwarven VillageOrcs: Invaders of the Holy Land. Start NPC Varkees in the Kings Hall of the Orc VillageDark Elves: Chains of Slavery. Start NPC Kristin at the west exit of the Dark Elf VillageElves: Hunt the Orcs. Start NPC Rayan at the southwest exit of the Elven VillageHumans: The Guard is Busy. Start NPC Gilbert at the Northeast exit of Talking IslandAfter picking up the quest, you will be given a few monsters to kill. Go hunt these monsters until you receive a quest item. You can continue to hunt for quest items which each give an x amount of adena or you can return to the start NPC and turn in the quest. If you are a fighter class, you will receive 6000 Soulshot: No Grade for Beginners. If you are a mystic class, you will receive 3000 Spiritshot: No Grade for Beginners.Pleas of PixiesStart Level: 3Start Location: Elven VillageRace: All except Dark ElfReward: 100 adena OR 300 adena OR 5000 adenaSynopsis: Talk to Pixy Murika, hunt Red Keltirs and Gray Wolves until you gather 100 Preditor's Fangs. Many wolves are close to Murika. Give the fangs to Pixy Murika and she will reward you with a Shard Of Glass (100 adena), Onyx (300 adena), or an Emerald (5000 adena).Revenge of the RedbonnetStart Level: 4Start Location: Dwarven VillageRace: AllReward: 100 adena to 5000 adenaSynopsis: Talk to Pixy Murika, hunt Red Keltirs and Gray Wolves until you gather 100 Preditor's Fangs. Many wolves are close to Murika. Give the fangs to Pixy Murika and she will reward you with a Shard Of Glass (100a), Onyx (300a), or an Emerald (5000a).Brigands SweepStart Level: 5Start Location: Dwarven VillageRace: DwarfReward: 12 adena /36 adena /33 adena /1000 adena + 1000 adena bonusSynopsis: Talk to Golden Wheel's Spiron in the elder hall in the southeast of the Dwarven Village. Hunt Goblins (any type). You can find them in many places throughout the Dwarven lands. Collect: Goblin Necklaces (12a)- Goblin Snooper, Goblin Brigand Lieutenant Goblin Pendants (36a) - Goblin Brigand Leader Goblin Lord Pendants (33a) - Goblin Lord Suspicious Memos. 4 memos will merge into a Suspicious Contract (1000a) on it's own, and once you have the contract you cannot get any more, but once you turn it in, you can get another. Return to Elder Spiren at any time and turn in the items. There seem to be a 1000 adena bonus as long as you turn in at least 10 pieces.Trade with the Ivory TowerStart Level: 8Start Location: Dark Elf VillageRace: All except ElvesReward: 3000 adenaSynopsis: Speak with Trader Vollodos in the Grocery Store. He will ask you to collect 10 Fungus Sacs. Leave town via the west exit and and travel along the road until you get to a single tower on the right, then head northwest . Hunt and kill the Forest Walking Fungus (lvl 9) until you have 10 Fungus Sacs. Blood Fungus (lvl 12) also drop the sacs more rarely, and are farther down the road around the set of towers on the left. Return to town and give the sacs to Vollodos.Collect SporesStart Level: 8Start Location: Elven VillageRace: All except Dark ElvesReward: 3500 adenaSynopsis: Talk to Trader Herbtien in the Elven Village magic shop. Hunt Spore Fungus (lvl 9 passive) until you have 10 Fungus Sacs. They can be found to the west, southwest, or south of the village. Give the 10 sacs to Trader Herbtien for 3500 adena.Skirmish with the WarewolvesStart Level: 9Start Location: Orc VillageRace: OrcReward: 3500 adena + 600 adena for each totemSynopsis: To start this quest you must have a Necklace Of Courage (lvl 4 Orc only quest item). Talk to Prefect Brukurse in the main building of the Orc Village, northern chamber. Hunt Maraku Werewolves (lvl 9 passive) until you collect 40 Maraku Werewolf Heads. There are some in the valley south of the path ring you'll see on your map. You may also earn Maraku Wolfmen Totems when on this quest, which sell for 600 adena each. Give the heads to Prefect Brukurse.Bones tell the futureStart Level: 10Start Location: Dark Elf VillageRace: Dark ElfReward: 8470 adenaSynopsis: Talk to Tetrarch Kaitar who is in the Dark Elven Village temple. Go to the School of Dark Arts (the Dark Elf dungeon) and collect 10 Bone Fragments from Skeleton Hunters (lvl 12 aggressive) and Skeleton Hunter Archers (lvl 13 passive). Give the fragments to Tetrarch Kaitar.Legacy of the PoetStart Level: 11Start Location: Elven VillageRace: Elf, Human, DwarfReward: 13,890 adenaSynopsis: Talk to Maryse Redbonnet, she is outside a building at the northeast end of the Dwarven Village. Hunt Black Wolves until you have 40 Black Wolf Pelts. You can find these both north and northeast of town. Return the 40 pelts to Marife Redbonnet. The reward is one of 4 items which you can sell to the store - Grandma's Hairpin 55% (100 adena), Grandma's Necklace 25% (300 adena), Grandma's Mirror 18% (500 adena), or Grandma's Pearl 2% (5000 adena) and a Scroll of Escape.Dark Winged SpiesStart Level: 11Start Location: Orc VillageRace: OrcReward: 4200 adenaSynopsis: Talk to Neruga Chief Tantus in the main building of the Orc Village, up the northern ramp. Hunt Darkwing Bats (lvl 11 passive) until you collect 70 Darkwing Bat Fangs. There are bats along the northern paths, and inside the path ring on your map. Sometimes when you kill a Darkwing Bat you may earn a Varangka's Parasite quest item and a Varangka's Tracker (lvl 11 aggressive) will immediately spawn and attack you. Once killed you will get 5 Darkwing Bat Fangs, and the parasite item will disappear. Give the fangs to Neruga Chief Tantus.Curse of the Underground FortressStart Level: 12Start Location: Elven VillageRace: Elf, Human, DwarfReward: 24,000 adena and Bone ShieldSynopsis: Begin the quest at Trader Unoren, he asks you to go to the Elven Fortress and bring back 10 bone fragments as well as 3 Elven skulls. Kill skeleton mobs, dark terrors, mist terrors, and shade horror mobs to receive the quest items. When complete, return to Unoren.Protect the Water SourceStart Level: 12Start Location: Elven VillageRace: ElfReward: 18,250 adenaSynopsis: Talk to Hierarch Asterios and then travel to the water source by the Shadow of the Mother tree. Kill Quest Monster Plague Zombies until you have 5 handfuls of plague dust. Return to Asterios to collect the reward.Collectors DreamStart Level: 15Start Location: Elven VillageRace: All except Dark ElfReward: 1000a + 2000 expSynopsis: Talk to Alshupes in the Elven Village. He is near the northeast corner of the main building near the gatekeeper. Hunt Crimson Spiders (15 aggressive), Hook Spiders (16 passive), and Pincer Spiders (17 aggressive) until you have 8 Giant Spider's Leg. Give the legs to Alshupes.Dwarven KinshipStart Level: 15Start Location: Dark Elven VillageRace: AllReward: 22,000 adenaSynopsis: Talk to Warehouse Freightman Collette in DE village. Then deliver the letter to Harprock in Gludio warehouse, select that you will deliver the letter for him. After you need to go to Gludin warehouse and talk to Norman to receive reward. As teleports are free at this level its a really quick way to get some extra money for all races in a matter of minutes. Totem of the HestuiStart Level: 15Start Location: Orc VillageRace: OrcReward: Leather Pants and 5500 adenaSynopsis: Talk to Seer Tanapi in the main building of the Orc Village, southern chamber. Hunt Kasha Bears (lvl 15 aggressive) in the northeast near the waterfall to collect Kasha Parasites. Once you collect 50+ parasites, the Kasha Bear Totem Spirit (lvl 17 aggressive) will spawn and attack you. Once you kill it you will get a Kasha Crystal. Talk to Seer Tanapi. He will take the crystal and give you a Totem Of Hestui and Leather Pants. Sell the Totem Of Hestui at a store for 5500 adena.Offspring of NightmaresStart Level: 15Start Location: Dark Elven VillageRace: Dark ElfReward: 17,150 adena and Bone GaitersSynopsis: Talk with Magister Vlasty in DE village temple. Hunt Lesser Dark Horrors and Dark Horrors until you get a Perfect Skull. Bring the skull back to Magister Vlasty to collect the reward.Destroy Plague CarriersStart Level: 18Start Location: Elven VillageRace: ElvesReward: 60 adena to 10000 adenaSynopsis: Talk to Master Ellenia in the main building of the Elven Village. Hunt Sukar Wererats (lvl 18 passive) and Sukar Wererat Leaders (lvl 19 aggressive) which drop Wererat's Fangs, and their boss Varool Foulclaw (lvl 20 passive) who sometimes drops a Varool Foulclaw's Fang. Once you get a Varool Foulclaw's Fang, you must return to Master Ellenia, as you will NOT get another until you restart the quest. Return to Master Ellenia at any time and turn in the Wererat's Fangs for 60 adena each and the Varool Foulclaw's Fang for 10,000 adena.Sweetest VenomStart Level: 18Start Location: Dark Elf VillageRace: All except ElvesReward: 5810 adenaSynopsis: Hunt Poison Spiders (16 passive), Prowlers (17 aggressive) and Arachnid Trackers (18 aggressive) for Venom Sacs. These can be found at the southern part of the Dark Forest, around the Ascetics Necropolis. The sacs drop about every 1 in 4 or 5. The Poison Spiders and Arachnid Trackers will cast poison, so carry a few Antidote leaves with you if you hunt these. The Prowlers will not cast poison. Once you have collected 10 Venom Sacs, Return to Astaron for your reward.Dangerous SeductionStart Level: 21Start Location: Dark Elven VillageRace: Dark ElfReward: 51,340 adena, 38,607 exp, 4,018 spSynopsis: Start the quest at Tetrach Vellior. He tells you to kill Merkenis at the School of Dark Arts. Once you receive the item return to Vellior for the reward. Yes that is half the usual adena reward for this quest, on Raidfight it only gives a 0.5 reward for adena. Blood FiendStart Level: 21Start Location: Elven VillageRace: All except Dark ElvesReward: 41,130 adenaSynopsis: Talk to Trader Creamees in the magic shop of Elven Village. Kill Kirunak in the last room of the Elven Fortress to get Kirunak’s Skull. Return to Trader Creamees to collect reward. Collector of JewelsStart Level: 25Start Location: Gludin VillageRace: AllReward: 76,000 adenaSynopsis: Talk to Magister Nell in the Temple of Einhasad in Gludin. She will ask you to collect elemental shards in the Forgotten Temple. You will get a shard every other kill. You must collect 50 items from mobs on the fire side and 50 items from mobs on the water side. Once you have gathered 50 of each, return to Nell. She will give you 12,500 and offer you to quit - or continue. If you continue, she will ask you to gather another 200 of each shard for you. As above but they should now drop from each mob. Once you have gathered 200 of each, return to Nell and she will give you 63,500 adena giving you a total of 76,000 adena. Acts of EvilStart Level: 27Start Location: Gludin VillageRace: AllReward: 98,000 adenaSynopsis: Start by talking to Guard Alvah at the north gate of Gludin Village. He sends you to speak to Trader Arodin in the Gludin weapon shop. He instructs you to hunt Turek Orcs and collect 20 Blade Molds. You can find these monsters at Orc Barracks on your map, just north of Gludin. When you get all 20 molds, proceed to talk to Tyra. She is located to the west of the Alter Of Rites. She will give you a bill to take to Trader Arodin back in the Gludin weapon shop. Trader Arodin then sends you back to Guard Alvah at the north gate of Gludin. Guard Alvah then tells you that you need to hunt Tumran Bugbears in the Ruins of Agony until you have 4 Ranger Reports. When you collect all 4 reports, return to Guard Alvah in Gludin. He will then send you to Abandoned Camp to hunt Ol Mahum Generals to receive two items, the Weapons Trade Contract and the Attack Directives. When you get those items, return to Guard Alvah, and he sends you to talk to Neti in the center of Gludin village. Neti instructs you to speak to Trader Rolento at the Southern Entrance to the Wastelands. Rolento sends you all the way up to Orc Barracks to speak to Turek Chief Burai. He is located near the center of Orc Barracks. You can find him by using the Location feature in the Quest tab on the interface. Burai will ask you to kill Ol Mahum Captains and collect 30 Ol Mahum Captain's Head. You can find these monsters at Abandoned Camp again. Return to Burai when you have all 30. He will give you a reward of 8,000 adena for helping him and send you back to Guard Alvah in Gludin. Speak to Alvah in Gludin and he will give you a reward of 90,000 adena for helping him, for a total amount of 98,000 adena. Hunting Leto LizardmenStart Level: 34Start Location: Giran Castle TownRace: AllReward: 30,000 adena or 50 animal bones or 50 animal skinsSynopsis: Start the quest by talking to Guard Rath(North Entrance). Hunt any of the Leto Lizardmen EXCEPT Shamans in the Plains of Lizardmen near Oren until you have 60 Lizardman Bracelets. Go back to Rath to collect your reward.Gather Ingredients for PieStart Level: 34Start Location: Dion Castle TownRace: AllReward: 25,000 adena or 50 varnishSynopsis: Start the quest by talking to Emily. Hunt Wasp Leader and Wasp Working in Beehive until you have 100 Honey Sacs. Go back to Emily. Go to Lara. Go to Guard Bright. Return to Emily to collect the reward. If you think some other quests can get put into this list, let me know and I will be sure to add them in (with a special thanks included as well... not that it is that special... its just a thank you really).
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    you have been jailed for using inappropriate language for the server and staff, but the reason for your permanent ban was your attempt to advertise other server. Bans are irreversible, and even if you regretted now your past actions nothing can be done, you can still play on the server with a new char though.
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    I am not sure its a good idea to force people to pay for the option to set up offline shop in major towns. I dont wanna be porting from Giran to Gludio for example looking for items on two or more separate markets... hmm just thinking its not conveniet for any of the party (donators and non donators). And its always good to see Girans market huge and alive with busy people everywhere. I am definitely going to donate btw, so its not a cry topic "omg donators can and I cant".
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    I'm sorry but it's not their fault that the rest of us is taking their time, everyone got their own style of play. Are we penalising these guys because they are more organised and have more time than the rest of us? From a random.
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    i mostly wanted to take hit for subclass not ring but some people dont understand it like you.. we proposed to make baium invincible=not abled to be killed until 26th.. i am very glad they took that moderator status from you bcz u are rly stupid dude...
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    Positives: - Whilst there are a lot of bots on the server (like any server), these are being actively chased and being dealt with - GM activity, Nekys & Maria are almost always on which is great to show the care they are putting in. They are doing events to bring people online. - Bugs are getting fixed as quickly as possible it seems - Latency is minimal. Uptime has been very high since the server start. Negatives: - The offline shops for PA only in main towns is a bad move for the server. I am a premium account user but at this stage with the population we have Giran NEEDS to be more populated than it is. I understand the logic as to why its set up like this since it is a great incentive to donate but it's affecting both the market and players from joining/continuing on the server. - Bugs. Yes they are getting fixed when raised but we have had some really bad bugs so far what just shouldn't happen in 2020 with the countless years of Lineage 2 private server development (I know Nekys was one of the first to use and start-up Dragon Claw but still, other packs are clearly better nowadays compare to the past when l2dc were the best files out there). - Geodata is really patchy. Pathing though is pretty good, just way too many holes and skips still existing (which I know again are being fixed when raised). - Stability. We lost a lot of players in the past to the inventory wipe and rollback issue shortly after the server start and the response given was extremely poor (sorry but nothing we can do, here is some boosted rates). I hope we have learnt from that lesson as if it happened again that could be a community killer. ♡♡♡
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    Positive: Staff is fixing bugs. no lag. .cool staff .banning botters 500 online is good but I wish there were at least 1000 😛 Negative: There is still plenty bugs to fix. autopickup 3 boxes is too much I think, 2 should be max but it's my opinion
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    Positive: Good Performance, no lag for me atleast, staff is friendly & bots are banned really fast. Room for improvement: I think you should seriously rethink the offline shop for premium accounts. This should be a standart feature for every player. Limiting this to premium only is in my opinion counter productive to the server. Player count NEEDS to get higher. Its pretty good atm, but giran looks empty (which might be because of my point above) Thanks for your great work and keep going.
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    since there are many reports regarding @noraz i have removed him from forum and discord moderator, topic locked
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    Skill: "Spoil" is now available only for users: - Higher than Lv. 19 - Premium Account Holders - All the level 1. material recipes are now available in every grocery store for 2.500 adena. Reasons: 1. There is an adrenaline script which creates automatically a dwarf and sends it to specific areas for automatic spoil materials from low level monsters. 2. There is a tool called "SPOOFER" which has a cost, but once you got it you can log unlimited windows, so you can abuse spoil in low level areas. 3. It's rare to meet real players in those areas since they are very well hidden and it's early game experience areas which makes it even harder to catch the abusers.
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    You can add those 2 files in your system folder so when you switch tabs, your previous windows won't be in slow motion 🙂 http://www.mediafire.com/file/zyxym02ignn/noSleep_Interlude.7z/file
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    RaidFight's Grand Opening Information. Finally! The time has arrived, Raid Fight is back and it's ready to go live! 🙂 I am going to share some helpful detailed information below, regarding the official server's launch tomorrow. Grand Opening will take place tomorrow, Sunday 1st of March. New System Patch is REQUIRED to play without issues on the new server, i have also updated links on the website. Many issues that were reported during the beta stage, will be fixed for the live server. (you can find details on the topics which i have replied & locked in the bug section) The accepted Payment Methods are PaySafeCard, PayPal, Credit Cards (through PayPal link), SKRILL, QIWI, Yandex, Webmoney. All payment methods will be automatic. Proxy System (accessible through .proxy command) will be activated on Monday, 2nd of March. Vote Reward System will be activated upon launch, providing a special Vote Rune lasts as long as your vote. All users that will use adrenaline will be banned instantly. (read rules "Illegal Activity" here) Botting checks will be done by GM invisible based on character moving pattern, even if the player is not AFK botting he will still get banned. Spoil skill will be disabled until 19 level for security reasons. (anti-bot rules, to avoid mass spoil of bots in low levels) Interlude Client Mirror Link #1: https://www.gameborder.net/file/lineage-ii-interlude-client#.Vji5iyufeKI Mirror Link #2: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0B4kIkF2bh7q5Y2ZRR1NPT2NKNWs&export=download Mirror Link #3: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6masq6yeavrpnlh/lineage2_interlude_client.rar/file Mirror Link #4: https://yadi.sk/d/y6obGGMsTqJnvA *LIVE* Retail Interlude RF System Mirror Link #1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/obd21rz98sjfxw5/RF_RetailSystem.rar/file Mirror Link #2: https://mega.nz/#!eJsmDY6R!ANb1SgD6eoxQwU-Exk9vdMWR5JI3_LrVkJBnk6mTeN8 Mirror Link #3: https://yadi.sk/d/fDSkqzNK4mBZ-Q Mirror Link #4: https://www.sendspace.com/file/3986ay Mirror Link #5: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1C3XBXZNAkDUWglb3rT8kiqhRAK6g1kt7 *LIVE* Unique Interlude RF System (with Classic Interface) Mirror Link #1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qh6046172e0y9pd/RF_ClassicInterfaceSystem.rar/file Mirror Link #2: https://mega.nz/#!CM9CRaAR!bnHjCCv6v_OZdFDMElwUMG3jfKxzIPVcTPnnEvDcMYU Mirror Link #3 https://yadi.sk/d/gbvafpXTg-_tQA Mirror Link #4: https://www.sendspace.com/file/rpwk0d Mirror Link #5: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pZabARztQ6_Y7HATcKLWsXClCyXUFQPV
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    Keep in mind people that l2 is like 20 year old game when Interlude was on there was about 10x more players and stuff like boxing clans for castles never happend... This is cleary NOT intented gameplay, and it always favours the few rather then the many... Castles for smaller clans will be better for server in long run so we can have pvp not just get farmed.
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    To have a server which looks like to hsi community, i think it was the main idea of the project 😉
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    Clan GodsOfWar recluta hispanos activos con discord imprescindible, whisp molainas Darkot Krakow o Satirex Un saludo
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    What they are doing is definitely not fair play. Nekys, you need to take some actions and make the server pleasant for the majority. If some guys are offended by something, let them leave. They will leave anyway sooner or later, but its better to have nice and stable players, that will make a great community. Taking any castle is like taking candies from kids for them and its pathetic that they do that. I feel sorry for them. VOTED FOR ATTACKERS AND DEFENDERS ONLY!
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    I guess I should intruduce myself 😛
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    - Fixed attack range of Judge of Light - Sin Eater is now correctly getting Experience - Talons of Stakato in Clean Up The Swamp of Screams quest, will now drop correctly even if you have more of them than 100 - Recharge can now be used on your pet/summon - Pets can now use items when their owner is attacking, using skills, blocked etc - Fixed percent of hunger, that pet food is filling - Fixed overweight penalty in pets - Fixed visual bug of pet speed which seemed to always be the same - Fixed issue with Seven Signs period sometimes not changing at the right time - Fixed amount of quest items given by monsters in Trial Of the Guildsman quest - Added missing Orator of Revelations & Preacher of Doom spawns - It is now possible to craft items for yourself, while having Private Store - Fixed Cargo Service, which wasn't always showing characters on the account
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    there is no such thing as "looking a reason to ban you" but when a user is going against server rules and tries to make more players to think the same it's not welcome to the server for obvious reasons, server is free after all as i said earlier, nobody is forcing you to play here and if you do not like something on the server you can quit without spreading bad rumors and hateful speech.
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    Hello, I was wondering what can be done to improve the visual effects of our beloved old game and I came up with the idea to use reshade. This does not work on every server, some servers get errors with dxdi.dll and dxd11.dll files. Fortunately, everything works on Raid Fight 🙂 Step by step how to install reshade 1. Download the newest reshade from https://reshade.me/ 2. Open exe file and select the path to the main game l2.exe file in the system folder 3.After you selected l2.exe file select Direct3D 10/11/12 4. Now select all effects and click OK. Now after download is complete you can close this window. 5. Start the game from l2.exe and when you will be in login screen click HOME button to open reshade menu and select only this effects that are on screen below and set values. That's all, now every time you start the game it will automatically load your effects. Overall it enchance graphic with less blurry, more sharpened textures with better darker colors.
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    I haven't noticed this feature here, but teleports should be 50% cheaper between 20:00 and 6:00 I think, the real world time. I might be wrong about the hours, but something like this had have been on retail.
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    - Treasure Chests that are supposed to be unlocked, no longer give rewards when they are killed with single hit - Fixed server performance issues caused by too many people staying in character selection screen - Pets can now use Haste Potions - Fixed list of items and their chances, given from Ancient Papyruses - It's no longer possible to check Treasure Chests by shift + click - It's no longer possible to trade Death's Deal Certificate
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  34. 2 points
    stop embarassing yourself with these posts pls XD
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    Hello everyone! We are an International (Europe & North America), English speaking group of former Lineage II hardcore players which even after we stopped playing, we kept in touch and became real life friends. Over the years we played under multiple nicknames and Clan tags, but PixelHorde came in existence after we stopped playing Lineage II, so this is why you've never heard of us and that's ok because we are not the same younglings we were years ago - we have downloaded the RealLife DLC (quite expensive and time consuming, I do not recommend it!). To be honest with you, we haven't been playing Lineage II for years now, but the knowledge that we have accumulated over the years is still there and the memories are still haunting us to this day... so when Nekys announced that he is re-opening Raidfight, we could not say No!, we had to come back for one last run of this old, outdated game-play with faded graphics that made us skip classes when we were kids, helped us get over a break-up when we were teens and provided us with a sanctuary in our 20s when we came home from work... And although, just a few of us are coming back for this last run, we want to make the most out of it, so we can put this wonderful chapter at rest the way it deserves. If what's written above it's the same way you feel regarding this project and you are a nostalgic old player or even a new one that wants a different approach and your goal is not to rush for levels, but to find a group of people to play with and together to experience the game as we remember it, have fun with and level up together to later on engage in the end game content of the game, then we await you to join us on this adventure. What we can offer: - English speaking, friendly community which you can become part of and remain with even after this server will close. - Goddard Clan-Hall - Clan Skills - Clan activities (Raids/PvP/Parties) - Complete buffs and dedicated Warsmith. - Always a group to party and level up with without having a stress over your real-life. - A group you can bond with and grow up from killing Elpies to engage in mass PvP and Sieges together. What we require from you: - English speaking and ability to use Discord! - Be reliable! While we don't require a rush for levels and a minimum of certain hours/day of game-play, we do require that you log in and/or keep in touch constantly. We have several setups in mind that we might go for, we are not yet fully decided, waiting on Nekys to make an Open Beta available to test few things out and also if you decide to join us, we are looking forward to hear your preferences. For those that are interested, you can reply to this topic, send me a PM for more details or join our Discord: https://discord.gg/pBxDUzC Disclaimer note: No Kookaburras were harmed in making this topic!
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    So DC's being tradable/sellable are replacing adenas as a currency in RF. That makes it so people can actually donate servers new "adenas". This lets people buy gear with real money and also disrupts a pure l2 experience. So what do you guys think, should they stop being tradable/sellable?
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    Witam wszystkich serdecznie. Jako iż od paru dni non stop przewija się temat polskich klanów bez żadnego echa, to postanowiłem zadziałać. Mianowicie iż troszkę Nas jest zdecydowałem się założyć klan, z nadzieją zjednoczenia się pod jednym crestem z możliwością wspólnej zabawy 😈 Na wstępie chciałbym zaznaczyć, że bardziej jestem "pomysłodawcą" i chcę wykonać ten tzw. pierwszy krok, bo mam wrażenie iż każdy obawia się go zrobić. Osobiście nie nadaję się na lidera, gdyż mimo swojego doświadczenia w L2 jestem mało dysponowany przez zawód jaki wykonuję czyli w grze jestem mniej niż pewnie większość z Was. Dlatego też założę klan postaram się to na początku dźwignąć, a jak zbierze się grupka ludzi to wspólnie zadecydujemy, kto będzie pełnił funkcję lidera/vcla itp. a ja w miarę swoich możliwości będę pomagał. Moja wizja jest nastawiona na grę casualową, bez żadnych ciśnień, dla wspólnej zabawy i dla ludzi - ta gra jest dla Nas, a nie My dla gry. Nie stawiam nacisku na CP czy granie solo, kto co woli. Wiadomo kto może, niech gra w CP, a komu czas na to nie pozwala niech gra solo lecz liczę też że znajdą się ludzie którzy będą pomagać tym którzy mają mniej czasu na grę bądź grają cięższą postacią jak heal/support. Wszelkie rzeczy dociągniemy razem, ale również nie zdziwię się jak ów projekt nie wypali. Traktujmy to jako zabawę ! Jeżeli są chętni to zapraszam tutaj w postach/pw na forum bądź po 21 w grze "Zaksur Ps. Luźne pomysły na nazwę klanu mile widziane! Moja propozycja to Aristocracy
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    - Toggle effects are now correctly always at the end of effect list - Fixed recent issue of Pets being unable to be summoned - Making quick relog in Frintezza dungeon will no longer teleport you to town - Fixed rare issue of distribution Over-Hit experience bonus to player who didn't attack monster last - When Strider, Hatchling or Wolf makes damage to monster, experience gained is now calculated based on his level difference and not it's owner - When Strider, Hatchling or Wolf makes damage to monster, drop rewards are now calculated based on his level difference and not it's owner
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    Raidfight is a P2W server now. Please fix fast. So disappointing...
  40. 2 points
    It's because you are using patch from BETA, it is fixed on live patch.
  41. 2 points
    monsters be like. if i have to go, ill take someone with me. Totally understandable reasoning
  42. 2 points
    3200 experience & 7080 skill points are correct amounts in Interlude.
  43. 2 points
    - Added .proxy command - Added few common recipes to Grocery Stores - Available SP in Skill Trainer window is now correctly updated after learning skill. - Message of picked up item sent to nearby players, is now shown only once. - Wolfs, Hatchlings & Striders are now getting correct amount of experience after attacking monsters. - Pets that acquire percentage of your experience, are now correctly consuming SP too. - Sonic Buster, Force Storm and other skills that hit multiple targets in front of the player, are now correctly causing damage when holding CTRL & target is not flagged. - Inventory of Pet is now transferred to the owner when being unsummoned. - Soul Shot is no longer used while missing target using any Blow skill. - Skill Relax is now automatically cancelled when player has full HP. - In Adept of Taste quest, it is now possible to get Red Mandragora Sap. - Weapon can now be changed during simple attack. - Fixed very rare issue that allowed you to use short range skills in far distance. - Fixed animation of picking up herbs.
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    - All the level 1. material recipes are now available in every grocery store for 2.500 adena 🙂
  45. 2 points
    А помоему у кого то в голове много мусора. По делу ничего не сказал, просто блевонул набор слов без фактажа
  46. 2 points
    yes, all those lv 1 recipes will be added on grocery 🙂 thanks for reminding me!
  47. 2 points
    either 19 lvl + or premium, you can spoil if you are normal user after 19 level cap 🙂
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    Так это ваша модель поведения. Приходите, ботите, получаете бан и съебываете как побитые шавки. И так по кругу. Хорошо если так, но почему я должен молчать, когда на сервер, где я собрался играть, идут дауны-ботоводы? Даже без бота эти животные будут вкидывать адену на Фанпей, такова их гнилая природа.
  49. 2 points
    Лучше просто сьебись в страхе с темки
  50. 2 points
    Ty jo skoda, hledam aktivni EE co muze hrat 18hodin denne... 🤔
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