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    @nekys man the post will be on top until ugive the community info man. so hey there 👋👋👋
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    Hi. Accepting the fact that we are gonna have a Kamael/HB update instead of gf, i would like @nekys to enlight us when we are gonna have this update. I dont care about a specific date but at least the month it will take place.
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    Since previous topic got locked sorry to have to make a 2nd one. All i want is to ask @nekys for the website link that you are using in order to get the items drop rates. Since the ones we are checking are apparently all wrong, please provide us with a reliable one that is also aligned with the server. At least we can do some proper searches this way. Thank you
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    Hi, I don't use any website any website to check data, I use l2off droplist. I use IL Vanganth files, IL AdvExt, sometimes also C4 & GF ncsoft files. I have attached npcdata from both IL l2off packs, so you can check them out. https://mega.nz/file/oI0kXCxY#8Ewdg9meN3SLQhVvTjXB9-DlKuLKb_vFrQFZ3zkbvYw https://mega.nz/file/0J1lAZoZ#dOg47erti14emgV-5ZHYNLE2f9fM4cSmTBjiPNHqY3Ynpcdata.txt
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    We have been farming the Primeval Island lately in order to drop Overlord amulets. While watching the item drop % chance by shift clicking the mob we noticed that the chance is greatly reduced in comparison to the original one. Same applies to all the amulets out there, but i will provide some proof about the one we are interested in. https://lineage.pmfun.com/item/8886/spellbook-victory-of-paagrio.html https://l2.dropspoil.com/item/8886/spellbook-victory-of-paagrio.html Both links are interlude related. Mob level also matches. As you can clearly see chance is 1/148, which means 0,68%. This is the drop % chance that i remember from official back then as well. However in Raidfight, not only this is not retail x2 (Drops are supposed to be x2 in website info) , it is x-11(!!!), since mobs here drop it with 0,11% Chance, instead of 1,3% (based on x2 drop rate) that should be the correct number. I am expecting immediate action in order to fix those drop rates of all Primeval Island spellbooks / amulets retail like, since this is severely affecting our game play/plan and the hours we have to invest, based on inaccurate rates. We try to help you by reporting errors, please help us back by fixing them. Thank you.
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    The client update is becoming a meme in Raidfight.
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    You won't see any update, they are too busy with l2zeus at the moment. Files are exactly the same, you are playing on open beta of another server 😄
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    @mrsen about which bugs u r talking? the flawless geodata and retail files? there is no bug tbh, only retail experience
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    Keeping the community informed on a month date release is really flexible tbh and will shown that the server has progress, many people are waitting just for that ! Couldnt agree more with this post.
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    Fully agree with with the post author. Ignoring is once or twice is a personal opinion. Ignoring this topic continuously seems like disrespect towards a community that plays here and remains loyal to the server. Do not bother bringing the "many people play because it's interlude" because there is an equal ammount of people -or even more - who do not play because of the same reason.
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    Well server is about to turn 4 months old as interlude. We all know that the books that drop in Primeeval island are insanely hard to obtain sometimes. Even now people are looking for them in shouts. My suggestion is: Would you consider adding those in donation store? it's not like its server beginning so it will barely unbalance something. It feels like a win-win situation for both nekys and players at this point
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    Today I have released a major security upgrade & full anti-bot/script/HWID spoofing security update for RaidFight. The changes can be found below: • Fully protected game sources from any kind of DDOS attacks, bulk packets script attacks, SQL injection like Vercetti's attack few weeks ago. • Adrenaline bot detection. Detects & bans all existing versions. (free & premium) • HWID bans for using a 3rd party program. (1st time 60 minutes - 2nd time 300 minutes - 3rd time 24 hours - 4th time permanent) • Detection of HWID spoofing software to bypass restrictions on the number of active boxes & temporary ban. • Added full compatibility with Windows 10 2004 version • Fixed a problem in the java server core that caused message "Game server decided to close your game session." to appear for some players on some java server builds. • Added full real time log file with account bans, HWID bans, timings & next attempts from the banned users to relog for better monitoring. • Fixed several ultra rare memory leaks which caused the server to close abnormally and draw small rollbacks upon restarts. • Implemented unique GM panel to monitor all botters & possible people botting marked by our secondary protection for further manual checks. • Improved performance of RaidFight on low-end PCs.
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    amount of crops should depends from not only x hp mobs like here, but from xhp and lvl of mobs and type of seed should be 100% on seed when mob is in range of lvl seed
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    stop wasting your time on these shit servers, they are all the same owner aka stalonka. The only decent server around is l2afterlife
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    Its a common tactic of nekys brother. When a fresh start of RF servers carried out, Nekys is 100% active. Banning bots make nice announcements, thank ppl for their support which is always big. When server goes low active nekys disappear, avoid to respond in salty topics, ending to disapoint those ppl support him. When server started he promoted this server like the first RF where i had my best moments in l2. This server has nothing to do with that server i enjoyed every single day i played. I regreted spending 3 months here. Havent see such a bad management on well known projects.
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    Cant even answer on simple question 😕
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    - If you wear two epic jewelries and unequip one of them, passive effect is no longer removed - Fixed issue with few kinds of Pets that were getting Exp from Monsters twice while being in Party - Cursed Weapons are now always given to the party member who picked them up, no matter which Loot Distribution is chosen - Sin Either can now reach level 81 - Fixed a lot of monsters who were supposed to be social aggro with only monsters of same id - Nearby monsters can now aggro if you kill their faction member by single hit - Castle Walls can now only be attacker by Siege Weapons - Fixed issue with Doom Trooper, Hames Orc Overlord and few other monsters, randomly falling under textures - Improved AI of Fairy Trees
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    Guys i understand your points but please lets keep it chill bcz the discussion will be derailed. All i want from @nekys is a date-ish.
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    I would suggest go Hellbound straight away. Kamael is a bit off as a client, didnt even last more than 3-4 months in official. But atleast give us info on when it will happen. Month? Year?
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    You guys don't get fooled. He doesn't care, all he wants it's to get attention and then boom, vanish into thin air. He did the same in the past, he will do it again. I just don't know why I am stupid enough and I keep supporting him. He promised us all a server which the community has he first hand, he promised that he will build something that we players want ,and he also promised that server will envolve to later Chronicle. Dont get me wrong, and I dont wanna be bitching here or being negative, but it looks to me like an old bad joke with the same end. Prove us wrong lovely Admin. Cheers
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    I totally agree with u guys. @nekys the community wants some info and as an admin that cares about its community (as u say) u should give some.
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    Yes please. Thanks for mentioning it again. It really crucial at this point of the server to atleast know when we will have the update (month) and also if there will be beta period for it, since I dont think anyone wants to go to kamael/hellbound and game breaking bugs take place.
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    its ok, i just said, noone ever reported normal spoil, u should be able to use skill "spoil" even after mob is spoiled, and it should tell you, that its already spoiled, but here, u cant even use the skill. thats all i say, i dont have clue how should spoil crush work
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    Hello, It is not retail that we have box limits. I want full retail experience and lot as many as i can. Also now @nekys made it possible that no bots can join the server, so the box limit makes no sense anymore. Go full retail! Thanks
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    i saw this not with the glittering medals thing, but while the event was up, there was a massive ban on people boting or selling illegal stuff (items or stuff for real life money, often not allowed on any server) whole clans came down with that, at least one i know of (i knew the people and someone else told me why they dissapeared) and frankly i'm glad
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    @nekys When the server started u said that when Interlude is launched and files are fixed u would start testing GF files. Now u log in today and u say we wont have gf update but instead KAMAEL or HB. why? Kamael for example is zero content .
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    We had some fights vs BB 😂 1 pt vs 1 and half...i will upload some crazy skilled cardinal mana burns. SeemsGood
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    yes script for anakazel respawn, u guys are crazy. the thing is here on java, u can get anakazel by changing rooms.... (on pts it shouldnt be possible by changing rooms).
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    espera espera, nacho diciendo ke alguien mama la polla de FIFA? cosa extraña con cierta crest roja nueva no? Por cierto ke tal sienta estar horas en valakas y ke os lo roben? xD
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    So.. a player asked in server's discord, greek chanel, how is the server.. I answered with THE TRUTH, that it's an afk land like the show "walking dead". With afk players like zombies all over towns.. And got banned or kicked from discord. If you add a game mechanic, without considering player's opinion before AND after the implementation, chances are, that you are not an expert in game design. Maybe you are in technical game issues, but that's not enough to run a successful game. Even Blizzard started to have more connection with players, listening their opinions on next features of the game etc etc.. Activision-Blizzard ! imagine that..... @nekys i used to believe that your server is different from the shitshow i used to see all those years i play (often Greek-GM) L2 servers, but turns out, you are not different, sadly, you are more of the same. I told the truth about the server, and got banned. Why ? because i ruined server's image ? or because truth hurts ? Server's image will be ruined if a new player walk arround afk players and can't be social in an social hub of an MMORPG. All the years that i spend on game desing, i never actually come across a system that players get something.... by doing nothing ! ! ! Dude, you cannot post videos about GM drama, even if the opposite side is ridiculous, and don't communicate your thoughts and decisions (in a meaningful way) about the actual game. It's illogical. The whole medal system was terribly comunicated before implementation and poorly managed, after. On a personal level made me think about quitting. And the sad part ..? Over 10 years with this game and i never donated on a server. This server was the only time i donated because it felt good. I still think is good, but not that much any more. The future of the server seems dark to me, but at the same time, i hope i'm wrong! You should know that i regret nothing ! Not the donation, not the response i gave to the player. Explain your train of thought, if you want please ( i know that you probably won't )
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    Yeah, simply remove Medals NPC asap, convert all existing medals to 20k adena/each to compensate the players. Admit mistake, correct it, move on. Find a solution to add manor and I am sure everyone will be happy. A GM-shop has no place in a x3 server, neither has an event that stimulates town afk-ing. Okay, you might trick some newcomers that the server has much higher activity than it actually is, but what do you think would happen when they run through towns and see that no one is moving or replying to messages there?
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    @nekys Lmao dude this guy is literally spitting yoga fire on you. Server management aside, wouldn't you step up for the sake of your personality and dignity? Silence will only make him seem right...
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