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    The issue with not being able to perform Recharge on pets at all has been fixed, but now Recharge just does nothing to them. 😂 Was thinking that it could be the level difference, but i remember recharging high level dwarves for soulshots, so.... it's a bug.
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    Hey, I think when u spoil mobs and they die, the corpses should last much longer than it is now.. they dissapear after not even 10 seconds... Normal not spoiled mobs should dissapear like now, but spoiled one should last longer, just because of the AoE spoil Can you check it pls?
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    Не слился, стримы каждый вечер 🙂 топит мужик 🙂 Я из за его стримов даже сам стартанул тут 🙂 Отличный сервер
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    That's correct, Lith Shaman has Social Aggro range of 400, while Barrow Overlord has 300. I have checked it on l2off and it's the same.
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    Summon Treasure Key will not work if you have Weight Penalty level 3 or less than 10 free slots in inventory,
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    first sieges were set 10 days ago (14-15th March) except Aden which was set for yesterday Wednesday, i've checked and every leader of lv.6 clan and above visited the npc earlier so he knew siege time. I've made a poll if players wanna set Aden castle siege on weekend as well, they can vote on it.
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    List of teleports from Priest of Dawn & Dusk were fixed, thanks for reporting.
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    This issue has been fixed, thanks for reporting.
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    Both issues are now fixed, thanks for reporting
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    Imo all sieges must be at the end of week 1/2 Saturday other 1/2 Sunday - we can set also some at 18 hrs gmt+2 and others at 21 gmt+2
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    yes, the price should be different for each different TP... I remember from other servers
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    Cursed weapons work here??? Zariche + Akamanah
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    So, there is a PK, I hit him ( without holding ctrl ). He hits mob and he kills it and he loses his karma ( he gets white ). But me while I was hitting him he was still a bit red, and after he killed the mob he became white and then my character while it was performing an attack animation it got flagged... But I was not holding CTRL... it should not have happened..
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    I think there is still one minor bug I could found on pets 😛 If you give your pet his food for example 100 food, and you unsummon him, and summon again. He should have this 100 food again in his backpack... just like weapon and armor. But it should not take all the food you have, only the amount he had before unsummoning. Check it pls My wolf finally bug free xd
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