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  1. Giveaway at Giran Town tonight and we reached an amazing online number of 1.728 characters and out of those the 864 were unique players! 🥰 Thank you very much everyone!! 😍😊
  2. Hey, good evening 🙂 I am creating this topic for me and @nekys in order to gain some reviews regarding our and the server so far from the current players of raidfight, feel free to share yours even if it's positive or negative 🙂
  3. that's right, as we said botting will never be profitable on raidfight, either you get caught early or later, you will get caught 🙂
  4. yes being afk doesn't mean you are not logged in with adrenaline, next time do not login with adrenaline 🙂
  5. [11.03.2020 22:47:39] Client Account[akeda2] HWID[067f455412ac2800aab846af375bb3c7] is using: Bot botting is against RaidFight's rules, you should better bot on an other server 🙂
  6. yes you do, system doesn't lie 🙂
  7. the ban lasts 24h and all your loots and adena have been erased, it's not yet permanent and you have one more chance to play on raidfight but without adrenaine software, your next attempt will cause to a permanent ban though
  8. You can add those 2 files in your system folder so when you switch tabs, your previous windows won't be in slow motion 🙂 http://www.mediafire.com/file/zyxym02ignn/noSleep_Interlude.7z/file
  9. hey just curious am i alone or do we have any ladies around? 🙂 feel free to introduce your self if you would like to, or just give me a sign so i don't feel like i am alone here 😄
  10. We've recently opened a Greek/Russian-Ukrainian/Czech-Slovakian/Spanish forum sections. Based on our forum statistics, most of our members so far coming from those countries. You can submit your "Moderator" application by just replying on this topic providing the information below: 1. your age 2. the estimated time your can spend daily on the forums 3. the reason you would like to get the moderator position 4. what plans do you have for your section in case you become a moderator Applications are now opened until Sunday 19th January, 13:00. [GMT+2] We will select up to 3 applicants per country and open up a "POLL" on Sunday, based on their application ideas, their forum activity & their country forum activity in total.
  11. - 384 kbps Audio Quality - 250 Unique Emojis - 100 MB Upload Limit - Unique RaidFight Banner - 1080p 60 FPS "Live Streaming" for members - Vanity URL https://discord.gg/raidfight
  12. margkk


    That's a great idea, I just added a Media section where you can post videos or screenshots
  13. margkk


    heya! 🙂 welcome back!
  14. margkk


    I'll go first breaking the ice and introducing my self 🙂 My name is Mary, i come from Athens - Greece, and currently i am studying in Thessaloniki! I have been hired from Spyros to help with some art work and social media for the upcoming project and i can say i am over-excited! My relation with lineage 2 is not the best but not the worst as well since i've started playing it on 2016 for the first time, right now i am away from the game for at least 4 months and the last server i've played was retail classic with a pack of good friends.
  15. i would like to welcome everyone 🤗
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