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  1. next topic, can i get hero with DC? this is what the server need, a clan who push us to play good or u dont get nobles. tnks for u they are 2 cps only.
  2. in all servers as i play u can lure triol ( not undead monster outside trance sleep or root him outside of the door ) and when the door close the triol stay out, but in this server the triol teleport inside. like this only EE can farm pagan temple bcs they are abussing some issue with Serente of Eva. ( they lost the agro but the mob stay in the corner until the EE soe or rr )
  3. Imo all sieges must be at the end of week 1/2 Saturday other 1/2 Sunday - we can set also some at 18 hrs gmt+2 and others at 21 gmt+2
  4. he says he fix it. but im not sure. and i try many times and nothing me and my full cp... and dont take it. shold i bring my clan for this quest? i wont to do it any more so i repeat jsut put the totem to sell like invocation and others please
  5. Im done! 5 times made my self and my cp 9 ppl making this quest 2 times today and yesterday another 5 times! i wont any more to fix this quest, now i vote to just put in a shop or mom or in caste shop i dont care. but i wont make thsi quest any more. we are not in test server and it take alot of time... before the quest give pokemons ice bolt battle heal..... now it give nothing. wtf?
  6. i made this quest 4-5 time per day before prime time start never take it.
  7. We need one active player with discord and english speak. Pm me on Discord forum or in game.
  8. Im overlord and i want only to have 25% chance. 4 sb like i see in all guides. I make it with my cp 2 times 9x2 18 time and i get any caind of books... battle heal. Ice bolt....
  9. wath do u mean ?as i see on pm fun u can take only 4 SB but i take SB from 1st and 2do class so it luck like u can take any sb in game.
  10. We are mage cp from clan Respawn. We need one more player pm me on rf discord for more info.
  11. he is rigth. thsi quest is bugged. https://lineage.pmfun.com/list/quest-more/the-wishing-potion this quest shold give only 4 Sb/Totem and in the server it give u any sb. so chance to get the boock is to low. ( lineage pm fun ) Spellbook: seed of water Spellbook: seed of fire Spellbook: seed of wind Amulet: Heart of Paagrio Wish For Wealth 10,000 adena 1-100 million adena A spawn of 3 Grimas that could drop a gold bar worth 5000 adena each. * Wish For Wisdom Spellbook: seed of water Spellbook: seed of fire Spellbook: seed of wind Amulet: Heart of Paagrio Wisdom Chest * Wish To Be A King Certificate of Royalty Worth 500 adena Ancient Crown Chance of a Demon Drop (ie: Gloves / Boots / Hose / Tunic ) * Wish To Be Loving Scroll of Escape or Necklace of Grace from Fairy Rupina. Scroll of Forbidden possibly dropped from 3 Succubus' of Seduction. Love which Dwarf Torai in Death Pass will buy for 500 adena. For the Amulet : Heart of Paagrio u must wish for WISDOM
  12. dam u are a hacker. u shold study somthing about it. are u a pc tecnic or somthing? ( my paint donw work ....format re install - pay me U$S 20 )
  13. op i think it was going to be exp
  14. just restart the pc on safe mode and delet it
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