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  1. dude. He gave me pmfun as source. I told him this source is not interlude. What is your problem?
  2. PePeR


    I want S84 and hero weapon, thx
  3. PMfun is not interlude dude... its gracia final. https://lineage.pmfun.com/item/10298/transform-sealbook--gordon.html
  4. I say no to this. I love how people QQ, I just laugh at them so hard, if they wanna play kindergarten go play sims instead
  5. lol, as far as I know the rates aren't 5000x
  6. Teleport from dark elven village > dark forest teleports you actually excatly on the dark omens necro... that tp shouldn't Teleport you excatly on that spot... pls check and fix, ty
  7. people paid for offline shops... not for reservation a spot in giran...
  8. I feel like the only people whining here are those people who actually used the script for it and you can't manor now, so what do u even whine about... there are no castles taken...
  9. Also monsters from the sea should cast on you the debuff that makes your head big. 😉
  10. Also I think there is a bug with the items u get from fishes... Im fishing on one lvl all the time, Im catching red fish. and I shouldn't get all the keymats for accessories from single fish... I think each color of fish should give different keymat for one accessory. now I get eevery accessory from one fish...
  11. I also found 2 more bugs. #1 When you are about to start fishing, right before the bar appears. you can still use pumping or reeling and it will work or won't. using those skills should be allowed only when the bar appears for fish's health. #2 Bug is more complicated. This happens when the fish is about to change from pumping to reeling or vice versa. So when the health bar is not moving, you should use pumping, when it moves you should use reeling. In order to catch the fish. BUT when the health bar is moving, and it is about to stop but 0.5 sec I still have seen the bar moving. I use reeling and I fail (because it moved 0.5 sec ago) but now it is not moving and the game thinks I should use pumping. But I couldn't see that 0.5 sec ago. Basically the delay must be bigger between changes, so that visuals could match the game mechanics. It was the last move, but I saw moving bar, and it stopped after that last move, and I pressed the skill really fast and it still told me it was fail. There should be a delay between changes, so that it still should succeed my reeling in spite of that it changed the mode. It happens when changing from pumping>reeling and viceversa. When the fish changes behaviour it should give some delay so that the skill you used before for reeling should still work on that, because now it is impossible to see. Let me go into more details Let's say every tick for HP fish is happening every 100 ms. so the health bar is going up. and it was last tick and the mode changed 10ms after the last tick. Even though it changed after 10ms, the entire 100ms tick shouuld still be considered as reeling, but now it is happening, like this: if the mode changed after 10 ms after the last tick started. And you will use the skill at 11 ms after the last tick. It will consider you as fail, because it insta changed. But the entire time for the tick should be considered as still being the previous mode for the fish attack. I hope I explained it good 😛 anyway, Im hoping for some fix soon about this 😛 there's a lot bugs for fishing here
  12. dunno, I don't have the problem with the evasion
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