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  1. I don't think u can enchant 28+ on interlude
  2. This already works. I am playing with wolf and it can do that. This is not true. As far as I know hatchling has it's own inventory. I didn't use it to pick up items, because there are no drops and there is autopickup, and I pickup herbs myself. But I think pets can pickup herbs as far as I know. Disclaimer: I have a wolf, and everything you say works okay for me.
  3. 5 min LUL 5 min is PoF/PoW/PoW/CoV/VoP
  4. false. Spoil works excatly like drop. That's not a bug.
  5. Pmfun is not interlude... it's gracia
  6. you can get that skill from donation manager > fishing > manufacture it increases 1 slot per 1 coin for craft manufacture ( yellow shop )
  7. There is one, only for donation though, because it's custom and not retail
  8. Hey, there should be a skill that increases slots for dwarven craft from fishing ( not common craft ). and I don't see it on the master ( blacksmith ). I didn't check the fisherman but I'm 100% sure this skill should be learned at master, since it's only available for crafters.
  9. There is half lethal out there, but where is the second lethal? that leaves you with 1hp? the FULL lethal? or maybe is it only from lethal blow?
  10. They are bugged... look at this https://easyupload.io/vzzsh9 Pls fix
  11. I see u added them, Im 100% there will be some bugs with these hehe #1 I noticed is they drop very very very very very frequently... every 5-10 minutes we have a message... I think it's not suppose to drop like that... please check the drop rate maan
  12. ye I noticed it too, it looks like the hit box is 2d model instead of 3d...
  13. PePeR

    Skill Blow bugs

    for dagger skills it doesn't matter what weapon u have
  14. PePeR

    Skill Blow bugs

    check out 4;35 = the sound on the blow
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