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  1. BeoWuLF

    Few changes

    Hello 1. I pvp vs mages last time and i get fear. it's ok but not for 10 sec c'mon. On low lvls (60+lvls) that gonna destroy all warrior. I please change it to max 5 sec. 2. On few server's i characters ignore unit collision in town. Maybe u can do that and it will be good idea to move in town market
  2. BeoWuLF

    Baium pvp zone

    @6ix9ine I don't leave server id. I sill play. Don't leave server like nooby boy. :))) @J4ck So Baium need to subclass many randoms w/o clan want enjoy game do it and make fun on subclass. With pvp zone u kill them all and fking discouarge plays, then they live. And that how server's die's. On other rb's maybe it will be good idea. But not on baium
  3. BeoWuLF

    Baium pvp zone

    Low rate and wanna pvp zone xDDDD 😂😂😂😂
  4. BeoWuLF

    PK ??

    You don't udenrstand. I kill player. Im red, so i kill mobs to dekarm. Problem is, when im red and i kill mobs i lose exp
  5. BeoWuLF

    PK ??

    Is it normal when you PK player and try to dekarm yourself you lose exp ?? WTF i have never seen that bull***
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