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  1. hi, there are wrong ports in priest there should be ports to nearby places for example from goddard places like IT, FoG... from aden ToI 10 and other floors... and some nearby necropolis/catacombs not all at same price 10k AA
  2. i think at least key mats should be 3x
  3. its still impossible to manage war for me as clan lvl 0, 7members
  4. Hi, i made clan to get OL buffs and its lvl 0, wars are automatically declared but with clan level 0 you can not declare war, manage or end war... please fix it so i can manage wars or stop automatical war declare
  5. hey, in quest the other side of truth there there is not spawned NPC Misa in lake please fix
  6. @nekys please check this topic, quest seems like its bugged, also will you consider to add HoP amulet to donate shop maybe: https://forum.raidfight.eu/index.php?/forum/21-bugs-issues/&do=add thanks
  7. yes this happends to me all the time mobs disappear below the ground pls fix this. its very unfriend to CDL users when mob disappear and then appear when it hits you...
  8. exactly. especially this quest its pretty long a lot of travelling and you can do it 20 times without dropping single HoP amulet @nekys
  9. the point is when you set 2kk now no one will buy it now but in 1 mouth it wont be much money, if you put it to donate shop price will adapt economy situation, you can buy 3 CoL now for 300k each but in one month it will be 1kk each more? you can choise if you buy CoL on paypal or ingame :]
  10. its probably retail like, which is sux... i think i would be nice to add to donate shop 2 CoL?
  11. well so maybe MDT will become official traders place at the end :], after 40 lvl you dont have free ports so MDT seems as best choice for everyone :]
  12. there are someone younger then 25years old playing L2 IL? 😄
  13. DrSweezy


    i havent tried cata yet but it should be opened without registration since server beginning and without mobs which drops sealstones, today from 6pm you have to register dusk/dawn then you can enter cata and there are lilim and nephilim mobs which drop sealstones and next monday are mammons if winning side balance avarice-MoM and gnosis-BoM and there are just lilim mobs if dusk wins, nephilim mobs if dawn wins... i recommend register dusk before first casle sieges after sieges dawn.
  14. Lethal is ok for killing, but fear effect is not
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