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  1. Its a common tactic of nekys brother. When a fresh start of RF servers carried out, Nekys is 100% active. Banning bots make nice announcements, thank ppl for their support which is always big. When server goes low active nekys disappear, avoid to respond in salty topics, ending to disapoint those ppl support him. When server started he promoted this server like the first RF where i had my best moments in l2. This server has nothing to do with that server i enjoyed every single day i played. I regreted spending 3 months here. Havent see such a bad management on well known projects.
  2. Is it normal when pick up cursed weapon and u r in random looting pt, random ppl for pt pick up sword? if its false report, delete it
  3. when you are switching bars on skill bar, e.g skills located in 1st bar f1-f12 and skills located in 2nd bar numeric keys 1,2,3....- =. when u switch and 2nd bar uses skills from f1-f12 and 1st bar uses skills from numeric keys, there is mess and u press skills from one bar and uses skill from the 2nd.
  4. He went forum warrior after realize he has no skills for ingame. No bsoe/delog here.
  5. Actually gaining medals by farming also voting is good way @nekys. this AFK condition is super retarted!
  6. when try to pass behind target's back and cast backstab, sometimes randomly, bs doesnt cast, and char sitting doing nothing. check it plz
  7. since medal npc is some kind to replace manor, only items related to manor should be there, like mats gc dcs. enchant and top A crafting components is not good
  8. footix

    medal npc

    market is empty
  9. footix

    medal npc

    add cry d/c in exchange for medals, in medal npc, for the newcomers
  10. Noticed that the time requires to cast a buff is different when blessed spiritshot located on skill bar than when located on shotcut buttons for spiritshots/soulshots
  11. Its even funnier that manor didnt return on game even though majority said to return, cuz the 65% (??) didnt achieve.
  12. footix

    Other Follow

    Follow doesnt seem to work properly. when use buffs/heal etc u have to make one step then click to the name u want to follow in order to work. if u dont make this step and click direct to name for follow, follow doesnt work.
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