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  1. U get the cannot see target message even for physical skills. E.g. if a place is not flat, and i use deadly blow on a mob that is on a lower surface than mine, it will say cannot see target, which i think should not happen on melee skills. Not completely sure about this one though.
  2. It's been said since the beta, mobs many times dont walk back after you die/leave/sleep them, leading to exploitable ways to get group of mobs out of the way of the spot you are farming permanently.
  3. So more than enough times, little rocks and clams can obscure your vision, leading to a cannot see target message. Im pretty sure many of these shouldnt happen as they are little rocks that dont even obscure pathing.They are almost flat to the ground.
  4. When u double click or use attack move to follow someone, your character, most of the time cannot move/buff/use skills unless u re-target yourself and walk some unites to a different direction. Happens a lot in parties etc, if u have your box following you, you will have to target yourself and walk back a bit before using other commands.
  5. When hitting melee mobs from range, they will go under the geodata most of the time, run to you and reappear in front of you to attack you, kind of like the Pokemon move "dig".
  6. So i took newbie buffs.Then buffed up with pp (haste effect 2 overwritten newbie haste effect 1). When i was picking up herbs, after the herbs' duration was over, my haste buff kept switching from the Prophets' to the Newbie Helpers'. This kept happening back n' forth. E.g. Pick up herb > herb is over > now i have newbie haste > pick up herb > herb is over > now i have pp haste > pick up herb > herb is over > now i have newbie haste. Etc. Also herbs sometimes delete buffs, but i think thats alrdy reported.
  7. You can check which chests have chance for enchants by shift+clicking them. Not much more to be said.
  8. New toons have free 24h all runes + death certificate. Death certificate is tradable thus allowing anyone to have it for free just by trading it from a newly created character.
  9. So the skill holy weapon is supposed to give a bonus physical holy damage to physical attacks. Here it also turns a spells element to holy. This means: A necro death spike can be of holy element, making pretty much every undead monster in the game to require 1 less spell cast to kill. It only converts element, doesnt give bonus damage, a cleric's disrupt undead wont do more damage, as its alrdy of holy element. All mages being able to be super effective against holy-weak mob is big, there are places with all mobs being weak to holy, so u can farm them with pretty much double empo.
  10. You didnt pay, but someone else can make your 50 dc in 1 minute. You cant buy valakas yet no shit, you can buy the servers top equip. As for the botsm i dont blame nekys since like, half the server bots but lets not kid ourselves that the server is anywhere near bot free. Dont be to gullible.
  11. If you have euro you can also buy everything u need and more. "if u have adena", no shit lol.
  12. Bugland, botland. Expensive and vital items buyable with donation. Way too much work to report bugs and bots, and they are so many so not even bothering. Not very populated, no redeeming qualities tbh.
  13. I can buy weapons and armors with coins, probably easier than i can with adena.
  14. I mean its the resault of the coins being tradable.As long as people can buy items via donation it will stay this way, no?
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