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  1. Well don't worry that's not a hard task for me to determine an inactive clan, just focus on the point please. Thank you
  2. well.. so after tonight's drama (which i don't see a reason for such a drama, it's not like a bug or something that one clan made a box clan and captured a castle) i came up with an idea of making the siege zone to teleport back to town everyone that is not defender or attacker, and guess what 😛 people flamed me in the chat because that's not retail!! Yeah i understand that, but since the majority requested, what's the point to flame me? Anyway i won't proceed with any change of course since you guys wanna play on a retail experience, i will respect that but please do not ask things and then make drama about them! GMs (and i am talking for my self and Maria) are not responsible at all if one clan is dominating the game, i am doing my work and i am delivering everything i promised, or at least i am trying my best 😛 so if you wanna say something you can start by opening a poll (like this one) and stop blaming the server for stuff like that 😄 As about the poll it self, thank you @etc for creating such a poll, i would like to see at least 80% of the majority though voting "YES" before i proceed on coding & implementing this on RaidFight! PS: Good night everybody, i have just finished tomorrows game update and i will add it in the morning and write a changelog ❤️
  3. When level of player/summon who dealed most of the damage to monster, is lower than level of monster then adena drop chance is always 70% for those monsters. I have killed 50 Seer of Hallate while having level 59 and everything seems to be fine.
  4. While normal room can change after just few minutes, you need to be 1 hour in Boss Room in order for it to change. The other reason you might be kicked out is maximum time in Rift which is 2 hours.
  5. What's level of you and the monster? Also please write what's name of the monster you have issue with
  6. Following skills have possibility for Full Lethal: Banish Undead: 50% Banish Seraph: 50% Turn Undead: 50% Lethal Shot: 2% Lethal Blow: 2%
  7. This issue is now fixed, thanks for reporting.
  8. This issue is now fixed. Thank you everybody who have reported it and helped to fix it.
  9. It's not a bug. Level difference between your pet & skill is 14, that's the reason you cannot recharge your pet. I have checked exactly same thing on l2off and there is also no mp added.
  10. Everything seems to be working fine.
  11. This issue is now fixed, thanks for reporting.
  12. This issue is now fixed, thanks for reporting.
  13. This problem looks to be fixed now, thanks for reporting.
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