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  1. #1. I checked it on l2off and when you target a player and use attack, pet simply starts following it. It has been fixed today. #2. That's not a bug, on l2off when you use movement mode change and order pet to kill a monster, it will just stay there. Thanks for reporting.
  2. This bug is now fixed, thanks for reporting.
  3. - Fixed monster spawns in Imperial Tomb, Devil's Isle & few spawns in Wall of Argos - Fixed chance of lethal hit in Backstab & Blinding Blow skills - Fixed few items giving wrong amount of crystals after crystallization - Skill Expand Dwarven Craft can now be learned from class master, instead of Fishing Manager - Fixed issue of Dimensional Rift sometimes teleporting players out of Boss Room too quickly - Fixed issue of receiving Karma/PvP Flag after killing player holding Cursed Weapon - Skill reuse is now removed when learning new level of it - Level of Cursed Weapon is now correctly restored after relog - Fixed issue with quest An Arrogant Search rarely not allowing to talk to Hanellin while having all required quest items - Fixed level difference modifier while calculating rewards from Sweeper - Fixed rewards odds calculation in Derby Track Manager
  4. i will wait a bit for those "many" to appear firstly on your topic in order to see if it's worth creating such a poll regarding adding new stuff on donation, i will have to note that in case of such thing the price won't be cheap, i mean don't expect "baium's final step for 5 coins" 😛 and if we are going to have baium's final step i will have to add the full quest as well (not going to be cheap as well)
  5. PKing your enemy is part of the game and controlling the epic bosses is part of the game too. The only alternative way i can think though is something like adding sub class quest & pipette's knife exchange step to be available for donation coins, although i don't want the server in any way to be called Pay 2 Win since it holds a strong reputation of the most fair project ever existed and i wouldn't like to tarnish its reputation. If the votes of this poll are enough on the point i mentioned, only then i might consider opening my own poll regarding this with all the details.
  6. Fixed, thanks for reporting. If you still have 2 of the same items in inventory, put one of them to warehouse and withdraw it so they can merge.
  7. This issue is now fixed, thanks for reporting. Keep in mind that for both spoils and drops, there is always a chance that you might get something, no matter the level difference.
  8. This issue is now fixed, thanks for reporting.
  9. issue resolved, @Haris Hatz was doing the quest wrong and forgot one quest step, the quest is working fine.
  10. It's game client issue, I suggest you to delete your system folder and reinstall our patch again.
  11. Manor is currently disabled.
  12. nekys

    Clan CRP

    hmm actually that's what i was thinking the last time, of changing it to 2.000 crp to 4 coins instead of 2, i am still considering it though because i have no time to think right now game sources absorbed my brain 😛
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