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  1. You have either no privilege, trying to move clan leader or didnt choose members correctly.
  2. For me in such case, normally "The player declined to join your party" message is shown. Can you recheck please?
  3. Hi, I don't use any website any website to check data, I use l2off droplist. I use IL Vanganth files, IL AdvExt, sometimes also C4 & GF ncsoft files. I have attached npcdata from both IL l2off packs, so you can check them out. https://mega.nz/file/oI0kXCxY#8Ewdg9meN3SLQhVvTjXB9-DlKuLKb_vFrQFZ3zkbvYw https://mega.nz/file/0J1lAZoZ#dOg47erti14emgV-5ZHYNLE2f9fM4cSmTBjiPNHqY3Ynpcdata.txt
  4. Both links are Gracia Final droplist which are totally different especially in Primeval Isle. Both Vanganth IL, AdvExt IL and our server have the same drop chance for those items. Another thing is, you can't remember official drop chance, because ncsoft didn't share those.
  5. Fixed, thanks for reporting.
  6. Fixed, thanks for reporting.
  7. Both issues are now fixed, thanks for reporting
  8. Hi, There are two reasons why you would only get part of the HP/MP from the herb: 1. You have a summon or pet, which takes half of the bonus 2. Herb you have picked up gives only some HP/MP and not 100%.
  9. I have checked those monsters on Vanganth and AdvExt interlude extenders, we have got exactly the same drops for those monsters. If you have seen somewhere drop chances as you specified, it must have been from Gracia Final
  10. All IL L2off extenders use C4 droplist for this monster and so do we. Everything seems to be correct.
  11. nekys

    Other FK PARTY

    That is correct. Auto Loot feature is custom feature so it's up to server design who should get loot in such case, I believe it's best if player who makes most of the damage get the loot instead of player who makes last hit.
  12. - When you try to log into account which is already in use, you will disconnect existing user after writing password instead of after chosing server - During server restarts, now server will appear DOWN instead of not being on the list - Messages while dismissing Alliance Member are now like on Retail - Fixed two error messages while changing Title of Clan Member - Fixed few issues with changing Clan Member's Affiliation - Added few minor fixes to Gatekeeper Nobless Teleports - Fixed "Critical Chance" passive skill, that gave too much Critical Chance to many npcs - It's now possible to register to multiple Castle Sieges, as long as they don't start at the same hour - Heart of Warding & Heart of Vulcano now have same chats as on retail - Fixed messages given by using /partyinfo
  13. Both issues are now fixed, thanks for reporting.
  14. Fixed, thanks for reporting.
  15. Could you tell me which castle siege was it and when did it take place?
  16. It's client issue. Sorry but since we don't have source code to game client files, there is nothing we can do about it.
  17. What is the name of the monster that you are talking about?
  18. Yes, that's not a bug.
  19. Do you mean to report that on second window character looks to be in different position than on the first window?
  20. Please write names of the monsters and for each of them name of the item that they are missing or have incorrect chance.
  21. Both issues are now fixed, thanks for reporting.
  22. nekys

    Other cata mobs

    Fixed, thanks for reporting.
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