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  1. The saddest part is 1st of May has more votes but each reply with arguments is for 15th of April.
  2. For now... do not underestimate the power of the raidfight polls 🤪
  3. That is unfair poll, all who are not noblesse will vote for 1st of may, and people paying with their time will suck it.
  4. Create Dark Elf fighter when reach level 20 go to Gludio and find Triskel take and finish the class quest. You will be assassin after that 🙂
  5. In that case that person should be jailed https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/686749731874930694/697163272885108836/unknown.png Also let's see for how much money they try to scam you in that case is 30kk, how much the person with Iron Ore try to make?
  6. In that case, the sooner discussion start the better. Because that will take some time for sure.
  7. If the first answer was "Yes" - how it should be implemented? Second question apply ONLY if first one have more YES votes. In other words if server decide change is needed, what change did you prefer (donation or not).
  8. Don't get me wrong my personal preference is nothing to change. BUT if they will do any change I prefer to be retail one.
  9. Well NCSOFT find out that way to control subclass is not good enough in new revisions and they change the quest. Guess best way is to update the quest to Gracia Final version
  10. You recall it correctly those skills had only level requirement.
  11. You can, this skill can reach +30 Power. Anyway my point is without enchant skill duration is 2 min, but can be confusing if played it before but had enchanted summon for long time and the time looks short now.
  12. Is possible to come close but not 5 min, if enchant the cat/unicorn 28+, time of the buff will reach 4 min and 45 seconds.
  13. Just keep in mind there is few bugs with unique one https://forum.raidfight.eu/index.php?/forum/22-issues-with-unique-interface-patch/ but seems to provide very cool features but still looks more preferred one.
  14. Maybe someone already register account with same name, try another one.
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