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  1. My "Attempt to advertise a server" was mentioning the name of a server on a private conversation with a friend of mine, which you stalked. Now I understand that u were looking for a reason to ban me since I was vocal about this servers abundance of bugs, custom stuff, and questionable admin behaviour and you are salty that said server is doing so much better than yours already.But trying to act high and imply you would think I would consider playing here after actually trying it out is plain out funny. And no I'd never "regret my actions".lol. That's all.
  2. Syera


    It's l2java obviously.
  3. Those seem to be the rules here. Point out something negative and u get banned . Also get your opinion deleted/edited.
  4. Syera


    No, and admin just perma banned me I think. But he never actually bothered to say reasons etc.
  5. Syera


    Jail time passed and toon is still in, was some information false or?
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