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  1. Ty peper for check it and isnt problem of my account...plz GM fix it
  2. I bring both char in giran i go WH and then deposit in cargon...and when i press it tells me charachter doesnt exist....plz fix the bug gm...first time in l2 history you cant deposit withdraw beetween 2 chars in same account...first time..
  3. i was in giran wh and my dwarf was 28 and said character doesnt exist..i go 30 and try again from different towns t say the truth..and same where i have to go? which npc?
  4. Cause i dont find bug report.. i will report here....Nekys i cant use wh deposit item in cargon with one char in same account and pick them with the other char i have already in same account....in all servers you could move items beetween chars...wtf all my time wasted? plz fix it
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