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  1. when i summon merrow unicorn it dont appear like member of party... i cant see it on window client
  2. Monastery of silence (angels)I have noticed that when you make a train and position yourself to kill it (destroyer tallum heavy set + tallum glaive) the mobs seem to be in different planes and you can only hit a few, 20 or 30 mobs only hits 3 or 4. I have made several attempts and I have tried corners, walls, etc. Could you ckeck if all is right?
  3. In the last days, the server is constantly disconnecting me. my 3 windows close at once. My chars (hip3rion, dopero, eleazan)
  4. se busca gente para una cp, preferiblemente summons y support; da igual si acabas de empezar. whisp here or ingame ( h1perion, hip3rion, elenne, pitufina)
  5. en el donation np en las skill de fishing , la ultima que es la de slots de storage tengo 8 y cuando siento a la nana a vender solo puedo vender una fila y 1 mas
  6. Nekys i bought with donation coin extra slots storage, i bought 8 but only has 6. Check plss
  7. virustst


    JEEMBOO bot
  8. why now in evil isle only there are 2 or 3 piket man per room???? plss check it
  9. if i have, account premiun, rune exp,sp,drop..... and bonus event exp..... all this is accumulate?
  10. could you check wall/corner in cata??? is impossible do a good train if te master of train cant relocate in corner
  11. if i have rune exp/sp and rune drop and my box in party no have, how exp and drop is distributed?
  12. Buenas, con lo de la cuarentena, ahora le puedo echar muchas horas a esto y puedo jugar de cualquier cosa. un saludo . in game "virustst
  13. in game soy "virustst y me gustaria unirme a alguna cp o clan/ grupo de amigos
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