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  1. cannot see target at cata when i make trains on some walls but mobs can see me and hit me omg
  2. i make trains in catacombs/necropolis i have in front of me 10 mobs at the same spot and i hit the 9 of them why? also i make trains in one room and i kill all mobs nice and easy then i go to the next room which is the same and i kill the mobs again with train with the same way like the first room but now i dont hit all the mobs and i need heal to stay alive why this happen i dont make nothing different?
  3. maybe fix trains in cata/necro u cant go at corners
  4. maybe someone fix this with trains in cata? java server says nothing to me
  5. you can leave it retail or u can find a way without donation coin
  6. i have the same problem with virustst
  7. how about allow getting buffs from newbie guide until 40lvl or without lvl limit? its not retail for sure but what u say?
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