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  1. Same, after today's restart.
  2. Hello there, I want to see the opinion of the users on this event, in my opinion is not a well balanced event, it shouldn't be just removed but improved. I think the method of obtaining medals is not the best, and about the rewards, some of them are not necessarily the best. I think the rewards should be focused to lower level players (C-B grade) and exp rewards, also, some cosmetics could be a good idea, but you can already get them in the donation shop. Thank you for your time and your vote/opinions.
  3. Using wine and winetricks. Don't have any other graphic card on my laptop.
  4. No updates, I can't log in and I don't know why the log in screen looks like that, I will be trying more stuff until I give up XD.
  5. I am using Intel Graphics UHD 620 from my CPU which is i5 8250U.
  6. Hello I am trying to run the game on Ubuntu 18.04.4 using wine but I am getting the AGP error, I press "OK" and then the game launches but I can not log in. From this point I can not type in the username box. Anyone knows how to activate AGP? Thank you all!
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