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  1. For those who don't know Shop was added following server restart. It included things like BAOG/Enchants/LIfestones/Mats etc. To name some of the conversions, 1DMP=40 medals, 1BEWS=2k medals. And then shop was removed to be re-evaluated for 2h. Some players have obviously already bought BEWS at this very low price. I am quoting my original post to highlight 2 of my points and ask you this; if a braindead player like me could have predicted this, how could an admin not? And do you really think that you can fix the prices in 2h when you couldn't do them in 1 week? Admit mistake, remove NPC entirely and go back to being a low rate server. P.S And add fucking manor
  2. Someone mentioned that nekys said it will spawn today after server rr. Not sure if true.
  3. Happens when uni exams get cancelled 🤗
  4. Idea crossed my mind but would be too difficult to calculate given that a lot of important recs come through quests. As for your 2nd point, it should remain much easier. Take this; you need 5h to farm a rec, you need 10h to buy it with 3 accounts afk. What you do?
  5. I wanted to discuss some issues with the new glittering medal system that nekys introduced about a week ago. I think it's important to do so 1 day before the NPC is added, in the extremely small chance that nekys goes back on his decision and doesn't add it. All of this is based on the online announcement that i got a glimpse of, stating that at least RECS and MATS will be on the shop. Also, this is under the assumption that the exchange rates for the glit medals will be meaningful. If it's shit, then obviously none of this really matters. Issues listed below (some very obvious and some not so much): - My biggest issue is that this system doesn't give you an incentive to play. It gives you an incentive to afk. And when you are being given something for doing nothing, it makes doing something feel even more pointless. L2 has always been about investing time---> getting reward, it has an addicting crafting system which is basically gambling. Crafting won't be the same if you give me the mats/recs while i'm in giran, simple as that. - System encourages you to have 3 accounts online at all time, which is very tedious to do and if you decide not to, makes you feel guilty since you are missing out on stuff everyone else will get. - Cities/clan halls are becoming ghost towns with so many afk players, especially in a clan it's very difficult to figure out who's actually online and who's not. - Glit medal currency introduced 1 week before reward announcement, allows people to exploit other's ignorance and invest in very cheap medals. I personally have close to 1000 medals (bought at 20k each) now just to prove my point. Obviously i don't know how good the exchange rate will be but this looks to be like a lose-lose situation; either reward will be very good in which case people will feel like shit for not having 3 accounts online 24/7, or reward will be shit in which case community will come back to complain about the prices of mats and how the absence of manor is fucking the server up. - Assuming that the benefit of glittering medals to the PEOPLE is to decrease prices of mats/recs, it's incredibly difficult to strike a good balance with the exchange rates without making the server feel like complete custom. Ratio between the items on the shop has to be perfect so that the glit medals fit into the economy organically (which means that they decrease the price of every mat/rec EQUALLY) - This does not replace manor in any way, and if it was supposed to then it should only have MATS. Again, not the same at all because manor is one of the biggest incentives to take castles. - If you spawn the NPC without announcing the reward list first and it ends up not being balanced enough, there is no going back. People will have already spent their medals and changing the exchange list after that will cause big backlash. At the very least, announce the reward list today to test our reaction. I can't deny how much this has improved voting, obviously it has been very effective at doing that and that will help bring a lot of new players. It's not gonna make them stay however, because very few people will roll in a x3 server and play catch up during the summer (where servers generally die off). If you want to keep the new players, change the vote reward to a fat exp boost that encourages people to PLAY THE GAME. None will be mad about an exp boost vote reward, we all have alts/subclasses to level and this will work wonders for new players. It just has to be a meaningful boost. Sorry for long post, i really hope i'm wrong about all these things and server does fine after this shop is implemented.
  6. 1) Java. Idk about 2nd q 2) No npc buffer, newbie guide until 24 or 26 (i forget) 3) Supposed to be 900 online. Market is alive i guess? just some pricing issues at the moment with manor being down . You should be able to find parties at 60+ lvl with clan or randoms reasonably easy 4) Server is 2 months old so early game might be a bit difficult as support, you might struggle to find parties at low levels. Later on should be fine depending on what support you make. Most people have their own buffers but some will prefer active support than bringing their box.
  7. When i change into my subclass, i can't use the private shop slots that i bought with DC on main class. Is this intended or a bug?
  8. Good job mate, god forbid we get close to making S-grade. Wouldn't wanna have people running around in proper gear 2 months in would we? Idk much about quest but the principle remains the same. You can't change aspects of game on flip of switch, even in this case which was a bug. It's been 100% since start of server, used by so many since start of server, this is just another change that puts new players further behind. At the end of the day as mentioned above, you based a bug-fix on retail when the exact same quest has different rate on retail. What?
  9. Minor issue but it's driving me nuts, can you please align the giran Donation store to the wall? She's sticking out like a sore thumb
  10. Why is this even a poll? It's a big part of l2, people who have incentive/cba to use manor will vote no. It should have never been an issue of whether the server wants it, it's an issue of whether you as an admin can control the "bots". We can go another month without gear, people will get burnout from grinding gear with "x3 rates", all the fun aspects of l2 will be abused by people who used manor properly in the 2-3 weeks that it was functioning. Summer is creeping in and people will realize that there's better things to do than no-life spoiling all day. We could have made this a fun, hardcore, retail-like server but somehow we ended up with an incredibly grindy non-retail server? Like, how did we even manage that?
  11. I feel like you are really pushing your luck with all these random decisions. It'd be such a shame for the server to crush and burn just because of stupid decisions when you went through the biggest hurdle of reaching a decent pop. I don't even understand why CL keep playing, they've been fucked over by every decision and will get fucked over again. And not just them, anyone that took time to push nob. Just let the server play itself naturally, when you don't change things the arguments to change things stop. Because you can always just say it"s retail like. But it's not anymore. You've just made yourself so much work.
  12. Maybe a castle NPC, like court magician? I don't really know, i think other people will have better ideas.
  13. I think the NPC choice for donation store is a bit ridiculous/out of place and was wondering if it could be changed to something more appropriate (looks especially weird in starting zones). Not urgent it's just been bothering me for a while.
  14. Bit clueless but maybe it has to do with this change in changelog #15 - Path Finding is no longer used while trying to cast skill or attack & target is too far
  15. I think someone already mentioned it but implementing a cap on the amount of seeds you can buy could work. Very temporary fix but will give us time to consider better options. Meanwhile people for who manor is essential will be able to get at least something out of it. This should be good for the market as well. A player getting all of it means he will likely sell. If the seed amount is split between multiple accounts the mats won't even go in the market- they'll sit in inventories or be used for crafting. I obviously don't know how hard it would be to implement, but if it's easy, it wouldn't hurt to try it for a day and see what happens- effect on market shouldn't be big if it all goes to shit.
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