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  1. I have a couple of issues and suggestions with regards to the interface 1. When I log off the char or leave the party, the current party member's name is replaced by the char's nickname that left 2. I can't see the PL's party loot with the cursor. 3. I understand that l2 community, for the most part, is old enough to determine the class by looking at the icons but I would still suggest to include hover text (or at least include it when the "Show custom party icons" is off) 4. An option to save sorting after reopening the inventory.
  2. Giant's Cave (rooms with Hamruts, Kranrots, etc.). Catacombs were fine though.
  3. I noticed they love killing warc. Once he was resurrected, mobs run after him 15 seconds later
  4. Mobs hit you after you get resurrected and also change target for no particular reason. Like my supports didn't cast anything and they would still hit them. Obviously, I am not talking about just running through them. During the mob train with destr using pike they would do that
  5. What the title says. I don't think there is a need to explain
  6. I have an idea for crafters to have an ability to sell crystalization. As if they put the tax they are going to take from the crystalization. What do you guys think?
  7. You said "U can focus on geodata" when there was an update about geodata recently. It takes time, that's my point
  8. why are you whining about geodata when he literally fixed the "cannot see target" bug, which means he is aware and listens to community? Be patient man
  9. No one forces people to buy for that price. That is not fair.
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