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  1. GM didn't respond, as expected. I'm obviously quitting the server and unistall the game. I thought one last time of L2 game time, but that's out of the window now. I enjoyed the comments guys, wish you the best. @nekys i'm not gonna tell you that you are petty or small or "μυρωδιάς" regarding gamification. I will just wish you, good luck on your project, this one and any future ones. See you all in fantasy worlds ! Time for Guildwars 2...
  2. So.. a player asked in server's discord, greek chanel, how is the server.. I answered with THE TRUTH, that it's an afk land like the show "walking dead". With afk players like zombies all over towns.. And got banned or kicked from discord. If you add a game mechanic, without considering player's opinion before AND after the implementation, chances are, that you are not an expert in game design. Maybe you are in technical game issues, but that's not enough to run a successful game. Even Blizzard started to have more connection with players, listening their opinions on next features of the game etc etc.. Activision-Blizzard ! imagine that..... @nekys i used to believe that your server is different from the shitshow i used to see all those years i play (often Greek-GM) L2 servers, but turns out, you are not different, sadly, you are more of the same. I told the truth about the server, and got banned. Why ? because i ruined server's image ? or because truth hurts ? Server's image will be ruined if a new player walk arround afk players and can't be social in an social hub of an MMORPG. All the years that i spend on game desing, i never actually come across a system that players get something.... by doing nothing ! ! ! Dude, you cannot post videos about GM drama, even if the opposite side is ridiculous, and don't communicate your thoughts and decisions (in a meaningful way) about the actual game. It's illogical. The whole medal system was terribly comunicated before implementation and poorly managed, after. On a personal level made me think about quitting. And the sad part ..? Over 10 years with this game and i never donated on a server. This server was the only time i donated because it felt good. I still think is good, but not that much any more. The future of the server seems dark to me, but at the same time, i hope i'm wrong! You should know that i regret nothing ! Not the donation, not the response i gave to the player. Explain your train of thought, if you want please ( i know that you probably won't )
  3. Hello @Lindorie , nice suggestion to increaase slots even more. As a dwarf player i think it would be perfect to be able to have major recipes on one dwarf. BUT that will make players have 1 or maybe max 2 crafters. So premium accounts (to be able to set up stores in major towns) will be less. So if you think about it, server will not benefit from this only player convenience... maybe GM will no want to reduce profit (nothing wrong with that). PS: is it surtain that you can increase craft list to 70 ,and craft-shops to 40 ?
  4. Hello everyone, i'm a new player to the server and i'm excited to spend my free time with all of you. I'm a craft/spoil/market player and i have some concerns regarding offline shop limitations. An other post has been made about this topic but no gm answers so i will try to be more specific with suggestions. I will donate to the server in the future in order to have premium account on my spoil group but to do this to 8+ crafters is a little bit too much. Seeing Monster Derby Track transformed into a shopping area is kinda weird and i think it hurts (to some extent) the server's image in major Towns. Howerver i do believe that premium accounts should have a benefit that free users shouldn't. So here are my suggestions: 1. Limited time offline shop for free users (6/12/24 hours) everywhere. Premium users have no time limitations to their offline stores. 2. Premium account connected to IP so if one character has premium account, all accounts from that IP can set up stores everywhere. (only offline store benefit to other accounts from that IP) 3. Custom made shop areas. Premium users have the benefit to set up stores in the most crowded areas on major towns (example:Giran Square for premium users, Luxury shop square for free users) 4. Suggestion no1 and no3 combined In this game and chronicle, no matter if a player is focused on PvP or PvE, when he/she goes to check the market, it's automatically a Socializer (Bartle taxonomy of player types) To limit the social element in a MMORPG is not good for the game itself. That said, i can understand that a server is hard to maintain and all sources of income are on the table. Hope to get some replies especially from GMs cause this topic is greatly interesting to me.. Have a nice day, stay safe and healthy.
  5. Αξίζει να ξεκινήσει κανείς αυτή την περίοδο; Βλέπω πολλά καλά στοιχεία στον server και φαίνεται οτι θα έχει συνέχεια και εξέλιξη, δεν θα πεθάνει σε 2-3 μήνες.. Ελπίζω.. Είμαι παίκτης που ασχολείται με Craft και Spoil. Αναρωτιέμαι αν αξίζει να επενδύσω χρόνο (ίσως και χρήμα) για να σηκώσω στρατό απο νάνους και να φτιάξω την εταιρεία νάνων που φτιάχνω πάντα σε low rate servers.
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