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  1. I have no idea what it was in retail even if I played spoiler on official. It is kinda long ago So for me it just changed after the fix, so I report it. If it is wanted or not it is not my decision
  2. Since you fixed it you can spoil mobs over and over again even if they are spoiled already. This was not possible before.
  3. Hello, in Changelog #20 Overlord Buffs changed, that they don´t work for Summons anymore. It would be nice to have Overlord Buffs work for Summons again, at least in Party. Else my Overlord became useless for my Summoner
  4. Hello guys, I started somd days ago with some friends here, and I noticed that i cound not learn the Sweeper Festival Skill which is for sweeping spoiled dead monsters arround you without targetting them. So right now im kinda useless in AoE Parties cause you miss much mobs which you cant click. Would be nice to know if this skill will be added some day. Greetings Cel
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