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  1. I think it’s a good ideea. But just until manor will be fixed. I agree!
  2. @nekys nvm i saw u answered ! Have a nice day
  3. @teyashi yes it should drop 1q item per party member and if only 1 party member has quest he should take 1q item per every mob. If he want to do 40% chance on getting q item he should raise the reward... that’s it.
  4. I tottaly agree. I don’t why @nekys make such changes and don’t inform us the community..
  5. You recently changed the q item drop chance from 100% to 40(retail). Why you can’t change also he q reward rates from 0.4x to 1x(retail) ?
  6. You changed the reward to 0.4x and now from today u cant get 1q item per mob...
  7. And why till today it was 1q item per mob?
  8. Can you check the quest , mobs dont drop 1q item per mob ty!
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