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  1. Ole! we are talking about same thing now.
  2. stop show me what that post say and look at what nekys sais. EZ
  3. I think you are the one who dont understand. Nekys words: if you had lower effect before, that buff will disapear forever.
  4. What nekys sais there is not normal. Haste potion ( lvl 1 ) have 20 minutes time, if i take herb, for 2 minutes i will have herb, but after time goes off, my pots effect should come back. This already work, but not always. Like i said before, sometimes pots effect is not coming back.
  5. This skill doesnt hit all mobs like he should. Sometimes hit only 1 mob ( the selected one ). When have time, check this pls.
  6. This problem exist. I have same problem, but this not happened all the time. After one herb replace lower buuf ( for exemple potion ) sometimes potions doesnt come back after herb time is off.
  7. Hello. I would like to join your journey if you stil have a place. For now, i dont know for sure what to play 😁
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