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  1. Thats why if the window is 23+2 or 24+2 no1 would be able to keep the window same time. Thats the reason why it was set in retail like that to avoid ppl keeping the epics at same time.
  2. Hello we have realized that Zaken and AQ windows are shorter and different from retail. Since both are less than 1 full day, both epics have been stuck in the morning for more than 1 month now. So would be possible to change AQ to 23+2h so no1 will be able to keep them at the same time and maybe Zaken change it to 46+4h. That would give the opportunity to everyone to access to those epics in different part of the world. @nekys
  3. No is not. It should be 100% random
  4. Any chance to fix all this stuff before the end of this period? or its gonna be custom like it is atm for the rest of the server? its really pointless when you can check how many players are reg and how many points everyone has after 9 combats..... @nekys
  5. 4) You cant trade if you are already called to join oly (45 secs)
  6. Sorry I missed your 1) xD pixel horde? they lasted in the server 3 weeks then they disappeared before they could even be a threat! But nice try hermano
  7. and everysingle of you should be streaming and only use one hand so we will join pvp
  8. %add that aswell its so hurting! you will make everyone to pvp you if you tell them that!
  9. %WTB pvp! %LF carebears %Camon 3 months server open and you dont open wars %PK fiesta incoming! %you are full gear now you should pvp guys! %I am here to bring light to your life just flag my friend I want to hear that in blue chat when you are mad cuz you dont have any fun hermano!
  10. Many servers have pvp zones in all raids and when you go close you just go flag! ie classic etc! so lets do it! Equal? how many baiums and AQ your side has? xD lets be honest you pushed this way much to your side now enjoy the non pvp ma friend. We are not here to clap when you say it, now its to late we will go pvp when we want you cant force us and even if nekys changes tezza to pvp zone we would just dont show up. You dont deserve any fun so go ahead and change it if you want you will be another 2h looking to the NPC and crying in blue chat about no1 give you war or pvp.... xaxaxa
  11. Its the same! you want to abuse when you are supperior so I want it also 😁
  12. I would say that the entire world should be pvp area, yesterday I created new chars for something that no1 cares, I went to a raid boss lvl 20x and I had those new chars with S weapons with penalty and there was a full party of new people with just D grade shadow weapons, for any reason that I cant understand they didnt flag when I we were just there standing with S weapons and just some random S grade armors and A grade (my buffers). So please Nekys I want your opinion about making all areas PVP because those GUYS didnt want to flag and PVP FOR THE RAID!
  13. Dont be so childish, first of all be informed and ask Person who asked who to join you before you took Cyja's
  14. when you win 40 vs 100 for 5 days and you recruit more CPS and then you blame your enemys because no open wars its your problem If after that 5 days of wining you recruit more people is your problem If you want wars and pvp and you have the chance to balance the server and you dont, again is your problem If you keep wining epics and you keep recruiting the only ready CPS in the server to don't let your enemys even have 1% chances of winining anything, again its your problem If you bring 7 CPS to antharas with x3 CPS full AQ/Baium vs 8 CPS some of them with B/C grade and you think we should win that, yes is your problem and I guess is gonna be your last mass pvp in this server hope you enjoyed it If olympiads are fixed and you have farmers in every range of points and when our farmers get over 30 points they have to face Messi and they have 0% chances of wining, yes is your problem. And now with Antharas in your side even if we have our PP ready to olys once he reaches 30+ points he will lose 100% vs Messi with antharas. So yeah its your problem You will take every single Hero now and we are not here to be your clowns and take the people that you have used in the past to give you some fun even when we know we have 0% chances of wining. You won the server! Good job now you can keep farming pve till no1 will want to regroup to face you and we are out. Hope you dont have more problems >)
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