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  1. Some people lost motivation once the glittering medal event started, which encouraged players to afk with 3 boxes in order to capitalise. Personally I got sick of seeing afk boxes everywhere and left with my CP, it's down to personal preference I guess.
  2. Lol Cally is that you? Did he ban your normal account? 😄
  3. A friend's dwarf got banned for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. He was stood near the manor manager with no seeds on him, someone starts whining on the bot channel in discord that people are using bots to buy seeds, Nekys rocks up and bans everyone in the vicinity, then shuts down manor forever 😄 I also remember the iron ore 4k ban, it was when Nekys was going through his playing-God phase. That was before the playing-Mafia phase.
  4. Personally I don't care that much about the economic mess this new event is going to cause. My biggest problem is seeing afk boxes everywhere, Giran is full of them, my clan hall is full of them. I can't tell who's online and who's not anymore, I mean I'm playing with a CP but I can imagine someone who doesn't it would be really hard for them to identify who's on and who's not to try and form a party. Just put a fake counter on the website like everyone else does if you wanna increase your numbers, or do you count this shit as population? Nekys you're becoming one of them mate.
  5. Or make it retail-like every 1st of the month, what is this some kind of mid-rate server or are you planning to close next month?
  6. I feel like we've been doing nothing but reporting stuff since the beginning of the server, 2 months in and new bugs keep appearing every freaking day. Nekys will probably ask you to be more specific but personally I've given up on reporting stuff, these files are beyond saving.
  7. Hey I got nothing against it, the only reason I'm being a bit sarcastic is because there was a myth going around that this server has low p2w elements 😉 OP is obviously taking the piss.
  8. That weirdly sounds like p2w, how bizarre.
  9. Good idea, let's start a poll.
  10. The most annoying part is the lack of professionalism, how we constantly figure new things out every day on this server. Rates change, rules change, features get turned on and off at a whim, without any announcement whatsoever. Did you really think we wouldn't notice?
  11. Either, but it comes with a caveat. How much money are you willing to spend on donation coins in order to not get caught? If you want the answer pm StP. S-grade player botting in catas for over 40 days now, has been reported multiple times on discord. Discord reports The rest of us idiots will need to find another way to progress somehow 😉
  12. I voted no, it just looks like a luxury feature that's totally unnecessary at the moment to spend time on. Maybe try again in a year or so once all the important bugs are fixed.
  13. Me and my friends were using manor fine as well, just cuz you're slow as fuck doesn't mean a bot beat you. Also love the fact that people who capitalised on manor at the start of the server are now voting no because they are scared they're gonna lose their spot at the top 😂
  14. Why do people not get sarcasm nowadays, where the quotes not enough of a hint?
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