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  1. hellixs

    hai pa.

    De cand e dictionarul explicativ al limbii romane considerat ADs?
  2. hellixs

    hai pa.

    no ads, ty
  3. For additional information, PM in-game: Rubyforge / Scarlet / Yanet
  4. Da, va uploada un nou system folder pt live server. Posibil sa fie disponibil incepand de maine dimineata.
  5. In the main room, the respawn is slow, but in the side room it's very fast.
  6. Works well. Respawn & land rate are good.
  7. 1 there is no limit set. 2 after restart, offline shops need to be logged in again, but server restarts once per weeek.
  8. Updated the recruitment list! We also recruit NA players for our NA - CP. Also looking for one active Bladedancer - requriements: - English speaking (Europe / North America) - Ability to use Discord
  9. Extending beta would be a problem since some of us took days off to play at the start of the server. Besides, server is not the greatest, but it ain't that bad and I am sure Nekys will fix it while we go.
  10. Needs will be updated soon, right now we lack DPS mostly, but we might need an active tank or two, so your amazing damage is welcome! 😄
  11. Arrows towards the enemies are always a good thing 😄 since you've joined discord, we will continue the conversation there.
  12. Hello mohlin! Your English is not that bad, so that is not a problem and you would not be the only father that plays with us. Most of us are 30+ years old. I prefer to have reliable people to play with and discord makes communication easier for all of us. I understand that sometimes people can't be online or that they have to mute discord, but at least when we have an important event (Raids/Sieges) I would prefer to have everyone on discord, even if their microphone is muted. What class are you thinking of playing?
  13. We have several option available, we are waiting for beta to test a few things out and afterwards we will have a meeting with all the members and we'll decide on the final setup that we will be going for. Once that is done, I will also update the topic here on forum.
  14. Server features: https://raidfight.eu/features.php Server donations list: https://raidfight.eu/store.php Server will start on 01.03.2020 at 13:00. Open Beta most likely will open on the 22nd - 23rd of February. What other details do you need?
  15. All are welcome, just make sure you join the Discord so we can keep in touch and updated.
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