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  1. this pic is fakin awesome XD this server is already gone, hope nekys got all the milk from the good name of the cow called raidfight , cuz the milk is already finished after all the shit he done ...everybody came here remembering the awesome raidfight, and got the average NONretail server centered all on moneys and decisions based on moneys; where is retail? where is manor? where is spoil? where is raids drop? where is fun?? has anybody had fun on this server so far? what me and lot of ppl were looking for, was a good low rate retail experience...what we've got is just delusion and frustration ...bye bye , it was not fun and not interesting
  2. Xay

    Other Weight

    this is maybe the few retail thing remained in this NONretail server, and u cry about it?? XD strenghten ur COn if u want more weight limit or use the EE buff, otherwise sagi passive quiver of holding and dwarves passive were useless.....like the fell swoop warlord skill when titans can hit 50 mobs at once . . . .
  3. i do apologize , but my mothertongue is not english, anyway call it being mad or whatever u want, i really cared about this server but when u see everything is messed up, what's left is only disappointment
  4. @J4ckdude, don't take all i say personally i quoted u, but didn't really wanted to speak with you XD...if u want to do a nice conversation, just argument what u say....u just say obvious things....like why ppl camp raids....no need a genius to understand that even if raids drop none, if u spam them u'll get something....u can't get the point , wich is, they drop nothing and this is not normal imho....anyway i have enough to speak for who can't catch the real points of discussion, but just make 50 quote saying the contrary of the quoted line XD
  5. dude, the most common pvp class could even be archer, still, a key mats can't be worth 20kk(u need 17 of them . . .)the problem is not the demand, the problem is that no one spoil it discouraged by the useless spoil rate of stuff in here....if only one ppl have db shaft, ofc they cost a lot, the problem is , WHY there are so low ppl wich sells those end game stuff? why no one spoils it? why raids don't drop a thing? . . . . then, if u sum all thos questions with the fact that draconic bow is a super requested weapon, u have those prices...still, this is not normal, this is not healthy and STILL, newcomers will quit just before start playing here seeing those things .... u can go in a clan, still, Clan leaders can't afford to help ppl gear up, 1 because raids are camped like hell by the same ppl all days 24/7 , and 2 because even if u can for some reason afford to do a raid, it will drop nothing....i don't want to be redundant, but baium dropped us ONLY a fakin elemental sword . . . if u go check on internet the drop rate of epic boss and u do it x2(wich should be on this server) , still is not possible that baium dropped JUST an elemental sword ...there is something wrong in here, server rates don't reflect the drops, nor in the raids, nor in the spoil ....and if the manor is disabled , the stuffs around is unsufficent and the prices raise to stars...i call it unhealthy , this not reflect a 1000 unique plyers server, like the poll on manor...1000 unique player, only almost 300 ppl voted ...and they also say that ppl created more accounts to do more votes ....and only for the yes XD why coulden't ppl create more accounts to subvote more for the no?? are u all guys opening ur eyes at least? obv these are all my opinions, still , this is not the retail low rate interlude i was looking for .... don't complain about bots wich presumibly takes all the seed(wich i still keep sayin isn't true cuz i was using manor just fine)...complain about the bots users existence it self....
  6. i think that a lot of ppl will quit....the server is not going good, not even going average for a low rate "RETAIL" interlude server ....in my opinion ppl like interlude because no kamael, no element and max gear is S, so maybe u can reach quite easy endgame content and have fun .....on this server, u can't even afford to reach S gear ...imagine ppl who wants to start brand new in here....they go to giran, see like 50 shops(wich is miserable due to the fact that only with premium u can open a private shop and so the server market is already crippled by this) , see that a key mat for an S weap is 20kk(hello DB shaft), a periferic A is like 60kk or above, and they WILL NEVER think to even start play here ....so newcomers are lost, and a lot of ppl wich is already playing , seeing all the non retail decisions made , wil slowly start to leave the server , leading to the server closure ^^ ...i am very disappointed , i played old raidfight for lots of time and i liked it because everything was well balanced and good cared and managed....unfortunately when a passion turns into a job and money are involved, that's what happens ... it was a good timekiller in this quarantene tho XD nice to have met u all guys, gl
  7. guys, me and my group were using manor when the "BOT WILL BUY IT ALL " and were using it just fine, have some trust and faith in @nekys, he will surely find out a way to have it healthy , and we will all have manor back making the market and crafting system available again ....i have enough to see stuff costing 70/80kk+ because no one craft and no one spoil ....
  8. playing since day one i can say few things...1) raids drops s**t ; 2) the 2x spoil rate makes spoiling a pain in the a*s and frustrating , cuz most of the time the mobs are empty and u got nothing from spoil(also i cannot match the droplist from game and the droplist from internet); 3) u can set a sell/buy in giran(just an example) only if that char has premium on it; 4) manor was disabled because botter abused it even tho me and my group was using it without any problem clicking with our hands and takin seeds as normal , also , lot of times. Now, sum all of those points , and u have the situation we have at the moment in the "server market" wich is gradually poorer and unhelty for casual player( wich should be the newcomers to increase server population)... not everyone can join as a clan of 20/30 ppl , on the contrary , most of the time newcomers are little groups of friends trying to play here....what they find is a poor market , no way to improve cuz stuff costs too high given no competition(i've seen periferics A grade reaching 80kk...) cuz spoil is poor, manor is disabled and raids seems like don't want to drop anything .... also u can't even set ur shop if u don't have premium ...imagine if everyone could set a shop, i remember old RF in wich giran market started from gk, ending to taurin, going all around general good merchant , aden was plenty, goddard was plenty and so on....so , if u want to find a reason to mantein maket healthy, is not the manor for sure....just reopen manor , all the other stuff is makin the maket unhealty ....i was habit to old RF giran market, the market on this server is just 60ish shops setted and giran ...with 900+ unique players, we could have a really nice market from low stuff to high, and with some market competition, also newcomers can think to approach the server...in my opinion, if i was a newcomer and visinting giran, i would have found a periferic A around 80kk, i would have quitted as soon as i watched it
  9. Yo everyone! first RF: Majale - necro second RF: Pride - SK blood bound ❤️
  10. Hi everyone, i would like to know if it will be implemented the skill binding like pressing 1 to x, f1 to x, q, w , e , r etc etc because i played in an interlude server and i was denied to bind skills in other button and i was forced to play only with f1 to f12 and i remember it was a pain in the neck playing ONLY with that button, cuz i had a DA and my skills + summon action etc was unplayable hope anyone will answer, and keep up the great job, we were all waiting for you to come back Nekys and bring us finally a top quality server like u always do ^^
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