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  1. why with 2-3 days before sieges thats the only problem + announcing it OFFICIAL somewhere I just saw it today this by mistake. I repeat GM can do what he wants since its private just so ppl know . if its ok for them ok,if not they leave, etc, no problem
  2. its all about information ,ok GM decides he wants to get castle to NPC and let CL clan get giran,aden or any other, NP its GM decision his server, BUT ANNOUNCE! just thats the problem.. I should go check minute by minute NPC ?! since I know CL got RUNE ?
  3. Well dunno, but I never saw some information from GM or a post anything, so other clans know about this(even the ones who are not interested in sieges I think should be a normal information). It changes a lot the siege tactics for the weekend 😞 ...sucks tbh
  4. Hello, If I remember right after the new rules all 2nd(bots) clan were the clans from which @nekys got their castles and gave to NPC, and only 2 CLANS were left with castle(Schutgart + Rune) right? some days ago I saw this was right, there was lord in Rune and Schutgart, but now "X" clan who had a castle can attack another?!(Giran)? and the NPCs own now Rune? Oo maybe I am wrong, but I never remember how a clan can quit their castle in middle of events(with no siege,etc) Oo
  5. Hey so I got my boxes on follow, I attack even one agro moob(but I make 2-3-4 hits so I TAKE FULL Agro) and after I attack a non-agro moob....he STILL JUMPS on BD who is doing nothing just follow. For sure this is not right, check it pls @nekys
  6. max seeds selling / player example.... max 50 quantity of each mats / player....(max 50 VoP ,Enria etc. each player can take) ....so its hard for ppl to put clicker on 1 ,and after alt tab change char to get 2nd round on another char, in mean time each active player has a chance to get some mats..... @nekys dunno...its what came into my mind this second
  7. just ... OMG...never saw this before :))) ..plus check the moobs falling into geodata >.< rly annoying!!!!!
  8. is this normal? They are social dunno, shouldn't they come on me both directly?! Oo ps: @nekys moob still falling into geodataba(into ground) here in FoM :< I posed another video some days ago,check when possible,ty
  9. ++++++++1 .delay 10sec
  10. @nekys delay plsssssssssss... minimum 10sec...
  11. 1) its not my char 2) I do what I want, when I want 3) u are mini retarded tbh and OFF TOPIC! ... go back to your cave and try new bot clicker for Manor 🙂 4)...rly YOU give me advices, YOU ?! Full buffed,etc and u lay down to get some tan ?! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))) rly...u came here to give me advices hah, I can go to sleep now much better laughting :)) ahh srry I think this one is you....can.t get difference between S graders, all look sexy and almost the same 🙂
  12. +1 shout delay 5 sec ....
  13. this is childish, just give him a reward also 🖐️ , plus tbh even if as GM u have some "rights" , not a good excuse this time on chat from Margkkk 😞
  14. as I was reading, ye maybe just put all sieges Saturday same hour(2-3-4 castles), Sunday same hour other castles left ! BEST , and don,t change the gameplay so even for all (harder for them) even if they kill with 1 party of S graders, 30-40 ppl with B.... 🙂 @nekys
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