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  1. is it working? i think i lost 4% on 70+ today
  2. i dont think this is a good idea: server can loose ppl bugs are fixed very quickly
  3. you are playing in destro CP on IL servers, bcoz destroes in IL the most disbalanced class in history of lineage.
  4. in my logic, we should have 2 ways: give frenzy/zealot/rage to all profession, bcoz it will not change balance reduce power or frenzy/zealot/rage of destro bcoz it allow to kill solo 9000+ mobs more than any other profession
  5. ooohh you are out of arguments and you started to insult me it so cute :)
  6. and koreans fu*d up destroes in latest patches... in Kamael patch koreans nerfed frenzy, when hp > 30% in Final they increased cooldown of frenzy/guts why they did it?
  7. FYI: ppl can have more than one computer. I have two, so i can use 6 boxes at once without breaking rules. and you missed it again. you can play in destroes CP, so you can kill enough mobs with 4 destroes. this is the most ridiculous thought in your speech
  8. so you choose wrong server, coz on "retail" interlude where are: no free teleports until lvl 40 no auto pickup exp, adena, quest rates and drop from rb are on the same rate no shift-clicks oly period is one month etc its funny to speak about any "retail" with these applied changes
  9. ye, but you forgot to ask Nekys to add to mages skills like magicfrenzy, magiczealot and magicrage
  10. only servers lives for 1 month, but
  11. ye, make destro cp with 4 destoes, and you can kill enough mobs even with 4 targets poles. but you want to kill all (mobs and rb) with 1(ONE) destro, coz you want BALANCE/retail the truth - you are too greedy
  12. no, they aren't. mages can't farm rb, toi and catacombs
  13. i think we should cancel auto pickup, coz it's not retail feature
  14. ничего такого не обсуждалось на форуме
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