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  1. re file oute me ta cl eimai oute tpt. ayta p les omws einai malakies ,gia to theo dld.sto telos tha fas dc kai that tous epirripseis k ayto. chillare ligo.
  2. Ac0


    this is interlude. hello?
  3. +1 for .buffblock removal. overbuff is a a strategy like it or not.return it to retail plox
  4. Basically gm is right. Adrena can take everything in zero time.It doesnt matter if u change the time that manor opens , the program will spam countless times until it finds it open. This happened in countless servers .
  5. tested with retail interface and it was fine. @nekys this problem appears to be classic interface issue.
  6. Hi. Using the macro repeated times turns to macro stop working. I tested multiple times with the skill being 100% ready to use.After the 1st or second time the macro stops working (it doesnt do anything).
  7. Argument for what dude .nekys told 15252 times that he will give an answer on sunday. speculating the population number always is a bad thing bcz ppl might lose motivation or expect too much. Since there is gonna be an announcement , starting conversations like these is only bad. Plus that u see ppl on areas and towns roaming around in “ok” ratio. U didnt deserve an explanation bcz as a stupid fkin shit u are u wont understand. ok ? 🙂
  8. Ah dude you are so fkin stupid you dont get it
  9. Why u care.it has enough ppl.enjoy the game
  10. Ac0


    oxi. dn exei wipe. apla allazei sto epomeno client opou kai oi paixtes tha exoun perissotera pragmata na kanoun se sxesh me prin (armors , epics,attri ,classes klpklp)
  11. Ac0


    Well thanks or whatever.
  12. Ac0


    As a clan we have adrenal}^#^] ee i mean gaming house 🤭🤭
  13. +1 for this and one addition : maximum speed in towns.ikr its not something taht someone would pay for it alone but if anybody tried it in inera he would aggree it was pretty a good feature.
  14. Ppl voting for sunday...i guess u are all unemployed?? XD
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