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  1. Summary: siege info I wanted to comment it, but there is nothing to say. You choose the way you play. We accept it. But remember one thing, its not a pve game. GL HF
  2. Castle sieges are pvp content. Its not for everyone right now. Everything comes with time.
  3. Yesterday fights at baium were awesome!! Huge thanks to all participants who struggled to reach TOI 14. Was worth to wait more days for such an entertaining evening. 🤡
  4. Info was all the time on NPC. we were surprised also that it wasn't at sunday. This way we lost income from taxes/manor from 1,5 week. And to be honest, if someone would be interested in this castle he could go and reg on it but the final effect wouldn't change
  5. You could at least announce such changes on discord @nekys Probably its gonna be an empty topic without a respond from you as it was with customization of baium resp time. Im just surprised, because on last 2 editions of RF you didn't affect the gameplay and server so much like you do on this. It's just sad.
  6. Hello, each server has it settings which are posted mostly on main page of server as 'server description/features". RF settings - https://raidfight.eu/features.php Before server started I had a conversation with @Treys/DTM about this server and promoting it on polish mmo sites. Here is topic connected to RF on one of the forums. Polish forum After you set a certain features of the server ive asked him to update a topic. Informations from the screens posted by him were presented as a server features at start of RF and even before. Since baium is close to it spawn i wont say anything about this custom feature with its window. My main question is : Whats the reason of delaying the start of olympiad @nekys ?
  7. Hello, online is increasing day by day and global chat is overflooded by spam of macros. People think that making macro and smashing a button will increase chances to sell something, or spam about twitch channel will make them pro content creators. My suggestion is delay on shout chat for lets say 30s before you can write another msg as it is sometimes on hero voices. Also if its possible, block usage of words "WTS WTB WTT/ Sell buy trade/ exchange" etc on !shout chat, so ppl will start to use +trade chat for those activities. W8 for answer @nekys maybe some poll can be made about it on discord/forum.
  8. J4ck

    Right Alt

    or break a finger or make voice activation or change communicator... yeah
  9. J4ck

    Right Alt

    Hello, when you press left mouse button while pressing right alt item that you click on is getting instantly deleted. Can this "feature" be blocked? Some ppl got left alt binded on ts as a voice key and when they are trading items they use right alt. This way some items can be accidently deleted without even confirmation. hint : When you click on item while pressing left alt you "move" full stack of that item.
  10. J4ck

    Warto zaczynać ?

    Sprawdź po prostu sekcję bugów. Nie ma raczej nic do exploitowania
  11. I dont want to be rude or something. Dont know how you test stuff either. Can't you just spawn quest item in inventory after taking quest and give it back to see the result?
  12. Rates are same for everyone. It means that every item got a price dedicated by its supply on market / adena drop from monsters and quests/ demand on market. This does not influence on donation coin price and vice versa. If adena would be x5 with other rates same as it is price of coins would be higher, but same will be with kmats and materials - because of adena amount. Coins would have impact on a market prices only when you could buy something from donation shop and sell it to npc to get adena "from nowhere". Just keep on leveling and you will see how useless coins are. As a part of a cp i can tell you that we do not invest in coins, we do not use them to anything. They are just meaningless, PS. Goodluck with selling coins and buying materials to craft something b grade. Thats gonna cost a lot
  13. 1)- raids are up for few hours. Join a clan, cp, create parties and go raid. "BIG" clans are on levels for rbs 60+. 2)- Make a party from clan or go solo for trains. Find a spoiler to get more income from farming. This argument is invalid 3)- Its not a must, its an option. IF clan will sell any armor, for now everyone farm for himself. 4)- If you want to craft something with just simple f1 farming then gl. There is tons of ways to farm materials from quests, farm at certain spots or make adena other way. 5)- there is no armor/weapon at donation shop 6)- rates are same for everyone. Donation currency is fine. Its needed only for 1/2 prof, PA, runes and some hats. I cant see any reason to use it on higher level. 15€ is just like 6kk - its not even enough to get c wpn and set so ive got no idea what about are you crying. If game is too hard for you try to find pt/clan to play with. Its 2k20 - organized parties will always be far ahead of you. If you preffer to stay solo pls stop whining and enjoy your slow progress. Like @Quaak said - buying coins by real currency helps you at start. And by each day they become less and less valuable.
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