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  1. Time of their resp is moving. Its just ppl that keep those epics online for some period of time to keep resp in specific window. You got your chance to change it during weekend.
  2. J4ck

    medal npc

    they can sell medals and buy crystals
  3. Someone asked to go for 9v9 with 5-6 ppl online. I answered that we can run proper 9v9 if he wants, just tell me earlier so i can try to group my pt. Edit: After what i saw at baium the 9v9 offer is no longer actuall
  4. just call it, we can go w/o hero skills. If you want 9v9
  5. Why did you spoil karmian tunic patterns? They are in luxury shop for crystals c/d
  6. disable hero skills disable passive effects of epic jewelery Lets make RF great finally
  7. 1) AAO - 1 pt of sugarmommy, was recruited to fight against pixelhorde which had big numbers and like 5? organised groups at server start. They were many yet they vanished. Also yokels and bb had bigger numbers. Moreover there were other clans made of 2 pt's that could reorganise into 4pt's alliances. Our 3 pt were for that moment a must. Tbh we were scared of pixels numbers - its interlude, numbers define everything. Not our fault they failed so hard. 2) Baium - we were surrounded with baium on us, ronins gave war back just to jump on us without pk purpose. We couldnt take down everyone because ppl were standing after flag was off. Ive still got a movie from that baium, it wasnt only BB. After you won a baium next two zakens looks the same - bb was taking positions without war tag on ship and targets while you give war back and storm us from the bridge. Same happened at aq's. Ronins were calling bb and other clans when they were not able to take us down solo. Why we should let you make again such pk fiesta on us at 2nd baium? The time after 1st baium you won defined ronins attitude about wars - giving back only on adventage and to kill some afk boxes. Thats why we allied yokels. 3) Are you sure it were 2 weeks? 21.04 - we lost baium / 25.04 - ally with yokels / 26.04 - baium with yokels / 01.04 - baium with yokels / 02.05 - yokels out. At 05.05 u went together for tezza. We didnt wanted to kick AAO because we are cooperating well with them and they know what they do. 4)AAO recruit policy is they own business. After we said gj bb to yokels and because of boredom we stopped logging/farming/doing stuff. AAO were cooperating at this time with krepsht/xrage group at aq/zakens. They didnt want to stay alone vs u so thats probably the reason why they recruited patrons and wexah GROUP - They are not a cp, its a group. I call someone a cp when its a 9/9 online party with proper setup. 6 ppl are groups. And noone called pasok - they come when they want. I cant see on the video but one cp member told me they were 1 pt without even s/d. 5)oly was same for everyone. you reported the issue with matchings because it was in your favour to change it. We reported the tokens for non hero chars because it was in our favour. Noone does things without reason. Its toxic group that made so many heroes and gz to them. My group loose interest in game when oly period starts. 6) PK - once we do it, once we dont. We knew it was wc from ronins so we wipe him down. Others scored last baium. @Nerina once you enter the pit, you cant enter once again. Thats basicly the diffrence with IT, where you can go back within 1 min.
  8. And you can just kill mobs at swamps, no need to report them. Just go back to your spot.
  9. Lets say it clear - oly is the way clans get adventage. Adventage in pvp - hero valor for clan/ hero uds / hero weapons / mass debuffs. 1. You dont want to be stucked for 1 month as a loosing side. 2. Most of the fights at olympiad are always at the end of oly period = shorter period means the fights will be intesified. 3. Reward is also divided by 2, so its not like after each 2 weeks you will get monthly amount of noble passes. I see only pros of 2week oly system
  10. Then i suggest to change description in server features "14d Olympiad Period (new heroes appear every 1st & 15th of each month)" - current info
  11. Tezza window starts today at 20.45 server time. Her next window will collide with baium anyway.
  12. J4ck

    Skill Hate power

    http://l2j.ru/test/index.php?p=19&skid=18 you probably checked stats from other chronicle. for example gracia final: http://l2j.ru/graciafinal/index.php?p=19&skid=18
  13. its probably connected to the issue with following. It should change after morning restart
  14. So please use arguments that are valid. You made so many substantive mistakes, that i had to quote you on each of them. And about droprate ive also told you - report it, if you feel like its bugged. But if nekys will tell you that its all fine, you can start a topic in suggestion to increase the rb drop rate. After all you will end up frustrated. Overally you are just mad at the server features. But hey, everything can be changed with a magic touch of nekys wand - epic spawns, castle sieges, olympiad, manor. I understand you, i felt same few times during this server life. But there is no cure other than acceptance and just playing or switching the server.
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