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  1. It's actually 0.2790% according to L2j.ru. I find it more accurate than any other website. STILL , 0,11% in x2 drop rate where in ALL other websites that take info from retail are higher? I mean this really needs to be fixed asap. Who knows how many drop lists are like this one? https://prnt.sc/tcgejo
  2. The client update is becoming a meme in Raidfight.
  3. I would suggest go Hellbound straight away. Kamael is a bit off as a client, didnt even last more than 3-4 months in official. But atleast give us info on when it will happen. Month? Year?
  4. Bump. 3 days now and no fix. Please help! :)
  5. Yes please. Thanks for mentioning it again. It really crucial at this point of the server to atleast know when we will have the update (month) and also if there will be beta period for it, since I dont think anyone wants to go to kamael/hellbound and game breaking bugs take place.
  6. Greetings. Yesterday I logged off and closed all my accounts except BloodBrother. I left BloodBrother on clan hall just to gather glit medals and recommends. A restart took place today I believe so when I tried to log my chars, i couldnt. After 2 clients, on the 3rd one i got Maximum number of characters logged notification.
  7. In interlude there is no debuff for aggression. Means you cannot lock target with aggression. Its really useless.
  8. What do you mean they are not working? Be more specific, as a fellow tank i might help you.
  9. Also, we made the quest on a lvl 80 Character. The pet is the same level as the master when its summoned and it has to be leveled once in order to be exchanged. The thing is that the pet cant go over 80, so we couldnt xp it and delete pks. Check it pls?
  10. Aoed in ketra with warlord, got 20-25 / train few days ago. Maybe re-check your party members, someones leeching molars and not telling you 😛 Also, you got lvl 5 alliance? If you still have to gather quest items for the alliance it interferes with the molar drop rate.
  11. Mobs that go underground are usually the ones that are big-huge texture. Ive noticed that too.
  12. I personally believe 15 days are not enough. Theres not enough time for people to gear and fight back. That feature is from mid rate servers and not for a low rate server. Only 10-15 ppl max play oly, rest are feed bots. For example, if I lost a match against the same class with me with same gear, the only difference was +6 set.... How can I make +6 IC set in 15 days on a x3 interlude? 😄 Make it a month, give people time to be happy with their hero aura for a month and also give people time to fight back for the Hero. Mind you, I play for fun not for hero. I havent play oly in interlude before its my first time. I like to practice and I like it alot. But all I see is people rushing to feed cause oly ends fast. Kind regards.
  13. @nekyshappened to me yesterday. Match : iGon vs iObliterate. Couldnt use skills or see his CP/HP.
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