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  1. Quaak

    Skill SA Crit Stun

    i know its based on the skill lvl vs the target level. Same as with nukes of lvl 35 doing 1 damage to players lvl 45 Nonetheless i got alot of stunns from mobs about 8 lvls below me. Thats with majestic set. Im not sure why this is, i only know i didnt have this on other servers i played on. Maybe they were wrong though, which is absolutely possible since every server is different and everyone claims to be the real retail experience 🙂 However im pretty sure it is not correct that one stun can be prolonged by another stun. I had this happen to me alot in saints catacomb where the stun timer would count down to 5 and then get back up to 9. So basically im stunned by a mob, and while that stun is active another one stuns me again.
  2. Quaak

    Skill SA Crit Stun

    ppl on pmfun refer to crit stun as useless after interlude because of this mechanic, so im guessing it used to be different. I also remember servers where you would get stunned by a mob while pulling a train and the stun would end immediately due to many mobs hitting you thus interrupting the stun effect. Here the stun can last full 10 seconds and even restun you while you are stunned. So you could be stunned for an infinite amount of time (this is with majestic heavy and resist stun 2) So all in all im sure something is wrong with stun, or maybe all other servers were wrong and this one is correct. Also. Stun from mobs should have a decreased land rate based on the lvl difference to you. So if the mob is light blue his stun chance should be decreased, but here it seems thats not the case either. In Ancient battlegrounds i got stunned all the time while the mobs were light to dark blue to me. There is several threads on this but apparently everything is fine. In any way i gave up and learn to live with it which is why i quit playing warlord.
  3. In the future 😛 No NPC Yet
  4. من هنوز بهتر از تو حرف می زنم
  5. Im pretty sure if ancient greece had more of you guys youd all speak persian today 😛
  6. Must be sad when the only achievement in your life is being somewhat organized in a 17 year old videogame. Besides, i have nothing against greece. they invented the threesome after all. later the romans added women but thats another story 😉
  7. Here, apply this wherever it hurts BRO https://www.windex.com/en-us
  8. Im talking about 6ix9ine but if you wanna throw yourself in the same pot as him feel free to. And i think the way he behaves is proof enough he is the lowest trash of society
  9. Dont forget. Ppl on retail had to pay a monthly fee to play which means the absolute lowest trash of society like you didnt even play on retail. Ppl on retail didnt shit on eachother, not even on their enemys like you shit on everyone on this server including the guy who pays for the fckin server. You created this atmosphere with your toxic behaviour and the sooner you fuck off and cash out, the sooner we can move on and have a healthy community. So do us all a favor and move on to the next one, cuz obviously youre not getting any fun out of it unless you count lighting up giran market with hero glows as fun.
  10. I personally hate boxing more then 1 char, but tbh this game and especially interlude are so badly balanced and certain classes have nothing to provide except buffs that you dont have any other choice then to box a whole party.
  11. The only trash community here is you.
  12. a new day, a new drama thread
  13. Im thinking more like a rec that takes 5h to spoil should probably take 5 days to buy with medals
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