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  1. Now it seems to be permanent, i get like 15-20% exp (same mob) from what i get before privious fix, doesn't matter how many times resummon Cat. Shot00013.bmpShot00015.bmpShot00014.bmpShot00016.bmpShot00017.bmpShot00018.bmpShot00019.bmpShot00020.bmpShot00021.bmpShot00022.bmp Shot00023.bmp
  2. Class: Warlock Since fixing exp for pets there are freaking things with exping with summon. And it's random thing, one time Kai the Cat consumes 10% of exp, next time you summon it - 90%. In attached screenshots: 42k exp with Mew the Cat and 4k with Kai the Cat - same mob. Shot00007.bmpShot00006.bmpShot00005.bmp
  3. It's my first summoner, but i dont think that Kat the Cat shoul have same reuse time after 2nd class change (learned lvl 5 of skill). Upd.: Solved after restart the game.
  4. Instaleaza-ti un WinRAR mai nou, am mai scris pe discord.
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