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  1. Que onda aún reclutan solo player?
  2. Today I found out that a premium account is needed in order to have an offline store, I want to ask if this is definitive or maybe after 1 month (you can have an offline store without the need to have a premium) since in some servers and seen that this is implemented, it has had very good results and support from the community and above all it has improved the economy of a lot of players
  3. Holaa yo tenía planeado jugar desde que abrió el servidor pero tuve problemas con el internet y apenas podré logear, básicamente vengo a pedir un poquito de adena, algún ithem D grado o si pueden ss. Tengo experiencia en el juego, aparte en otros servidores siempre ando ayudando ala gente nueva que se une (al servidor días después) y logeo 5 veces ala semana la mayoría del día así que si me dan una semana podré pagarles lo que me presenten, de antemano gracias xD
  4. We are in the year 2020 stop living in the past, simply if the GM does not get strict and it is allowed to obtain an account banned by donation, the server will be running out of players, servers will be available all the time and increasingly they decide to ban a permanent account if illegal programs are used or if it is cheated in some way we must copy these good decisions to increase the population of the server and make it last for much longer I hope you make good decisions, the server looks great I was talking in several groups and many people think to enter english / russ / latin / pl / greek / and personally I also think to play now that I have more free time, good luck to everyone
  5. I don't think it's fair and you should allow them to play again in case of permanent BAN because these players do the same on any server that will be and will always be like that (it will never change the way they play) in any case they are allowed to return (1 only) but without the account and accessories that were already banned and the next one that violates the rules that are given to Ban to the IP or something similar
  6. Offline-shop/ spoil,drop info / free for all
  7. Si van a entrar no sean payasos y hagan 1-2 clanes (hispanos o International) porque después me encuentro hasta 10 clanes (hispanos y entre ellos no se hablan) y cada uno con máximo 8-15 personas contando las mochilas, así como vamos a poder pelear los epic y esas cosas SUERTE A TODOS
  8. BOT what will happen to people who use BOT, we are tired of being allowed to return because of donating and recovering their account (I HOPE THAT IT IS SERVER TO HAVE BAN PERMANENTLY)
  9. I don't think it's necessary to increase the sp / exp / drop drop, I don't even think it's fair (I agree it takes money to keep the server, (at some point I have donated) but in most servers people prefers (even those who donate) accessories, global chat, greater number of spaces in inventories, stores, changing the color of the name and even so it is a success, take into account that there are people who reach level 80 (and that gives me a lot I like them and I think it's just for the time they spend on server) in less than 4-5 days, now imagine + 30% more sp / exp / drop, but somehow reaching level 80 so quickly breaks the chances of the others (I'm talking about 1-5 PJ farming (alone) all the RBs with full buff) and the server becomes quite boring in a matter of weeks, I also prefer that the option 1 extra box is not added, with 3 is enough, I hope you take the I better see them in a few weeks. 2 month ago, he opened a certain server (out of respect for this and any online server, I will not say his name, its interlude also low rate) but in the premium account they only have more spaces in all aspects, global chat, accessories, song wind (coldtime 8- 10 minutes) change of color in the name, change of sex, 1st/2st class mark quest, and it is a success reaches 2k of population without the need to increase sp / exp / drop / and one more box
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