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  1. So you think is ok 3 times in 1 minute on a player without rb jewls and mj set? If that is ok for you close this topic and that's all.
  2. ok add Lavasarus in olympiad than . do you think i care about fcking moobs man? we need test on players . anyway close this topic . you don`t even know how to fix that and u tell me u test it on lavasaurus. 7 times on lavasaurus , 847 atk.spd , all this in 1 minute . Tell me when will land on a player with full resists ? on the next server u will open? u think is ok right? close topic please , you are too deep about this SA . ( maybe next server u will have this ok) .
  3. everything is fine , he solved that , he tested them and working good . but never land (that`s good).
  4. yea bro , we all tell that but we are not right . nekys is right , he know all. all is FINE. and also he jail if u tell him 😉
  5. If he would know how to fix that he will. Also for you maybe is a bullshit , for us it isn't . If you don't know about thi SA please go away from this topic and create your own topic. It is not important for you , but for us it is . Nekys if don't know how to fix that without affect other stuns he can call an friend. That was working bad from start , we made topic and he solved it (but he affected all other stins) , he try to solve stuns from moobs and again he fcked up this SA . So he can call a friend to help him with what he don't know to solve. I know he is like he know all , but sometimes in this life you have to learn and from other . Good luck my friend !
  6. if u want pm me to show you it don`t works.
  7. man it never land . about what u talking? is tested on player with tallum h set w/o any resist shock or rb jewls and never lands .
  8. it is not anymore how it was . just test it to see
  9. it is not . i tested that and is not. go test you an see
  10. ALL IS FCKED UP AGAIN . never land . That was what nekys had solved.(nothing).
  11. now is 3% like this augment is just lvl 1 and not lvl 10 , thi augment must work on 30% lvl 10
  12. Exacly , you have to do this augment on 30% for lvl 10 , here work just lvl 1
  13. If you no solve this , mean we have all to get only refresh augments like UEFA ( I won't start with an conversation about uefa augments) .
  14. So you think is ok how it is? Check what write on skill. Do and b.roar skill same as augment and than and all will be fine. Check what augment b.roar says . Is not btb (increse maximum hp by 300).
  15. have to increse maximum hp and also restore hp about your amount. (it gives 300 like btb) . it must give and restore about player amount hp.
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