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  1. Change oly from 6 to 4 hours.. 20:00-00:00 is the best option +3 gmt(Greece time)
  2. Story of our life?? Aaa re fucking piss of shit casual retard with 1 finger each hand 😏 nekys checked us every day from day one and u see what he realize?? We are play normal.. We show the way to the most ppl here how t do trains at lower.. We farmed non stop for 2 months, he delay heroes 2 times, he delay baium, he get back our castle and we still here w/o any program own ur ass at every epic, at every pvp, we dominate Olympiad!! This is the truth end of the story!! 😏Same story bla bla and when we get bored we quit cuz u are meatshield w/o any skill and u can't give us a decent pvp. u don't know the basic so stop lying t your self.. 2020 and u still qq at forums about our story! I am sorry for u!! Well don't worry little boy most of us play less cuz we get bored!! This is ur time to rise up 😂😂😂
  3. Wtf.. Ofc raid curse can be removed with cleanse
  4. random


    Ούτε εσύ μάλλον παίζεις Ρε μπακαλιαρε! 6 ώρες oly στα features δεν έχει τίποτα.. 1 Μαΐου ξεκινάει η πρώτη περίοδο οπότε ότι και να λέει στ game είναι τόσο αναξιόπιστο όσο ο τσιπρας σαν πρωθυπουργός
  5. random


    as i see gm didn't announcement olympiad time and the 1st day is close to come
  6. na min to anoi3ei pote! xestika
  7. opws tote pou vghke stis 11 para 10 kai emeine t giran castle 2 vdomades xwris owner? Oso gia tin "afk" clan mporei na tin checkarei o gm ean einai bot clan kai otan dei pws dn einai tha teleiwsei edw t thema Episis gia to manor einai asteio p t sunexizete kai lete.. Na to anoi3ei epitelous na ushxasete oloi
  8. Pvp zone "IT" the big room before npc + npc room.. other case there won't be any pvp at all so it's waste of time
  9. Mobs on pi do not drop herbs
  10. theres no any point to be to be retail spawn time.. in this case the pvp gonna be really boring and some times 1 vs 1 pt pvp max (plus boxies ) If u want to pick the high output at fights change all epics windows after evening when most of us return from our jobs and looking for some real fun! For example AQ(1 day 21-22)/ Zaken( 2 days 20-22)/ Baium (5 days 22:00-00:00)/ Tezza (2 days 22:00-00:00)/ Antharas (8 days 21:00-22:00)/valakas (11 days 20-21) we play this game for like 12-13 years... if the small clan want t be part at epics they have to ally with a side.. other case theres no chance at all.. stop compain for the standars
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