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Found 27 results

  1. They are bugged... look at this https://easyupload.io/vzzsh9 Pls fix
  2. hey check pls ,moobs are falling from visual, after they reappear 🙂
  3. When entering wizard guild in hunters village , it took me 5 mins to enter and loss of infinity hp from falling , please check
  4. When you walk from giran harbour to the catacombs, on the way there is a hill, and when u go on that hill sometimes you get damaged from going up. I will try to do /loc next time if I can
  5. So there is weird combat zone when I enter certain area. When I enter this area it tells me you have entered combat zone, when I leave this area it says I leave combat zone and I am flagged. here are the coordinates of that combat zone. 75743,41664,-3168 (Near the town of oren) Check it pls
  6. Hey...watch close to the BD on follow, he felt down from GC to SV >.> ......
  7. There is problem with targeting when aoe mobs. you have group in front of you and hitting sometimes 1-2 mobs, but in front is like 10-15 mobs. then I move somehting like one step on side or just changed the target, then starts attacking more then 5 or almoust all targets. Other problem then u are in party and leaving to follow party member, then if I press skill heal its - not working/using skill. Need to move with mouse to side and then can use skill heal on target.
  8. Hello, I went to Garden of Eva with my party. I was an active player, my friend was on follow. While we were swimming in the water before the first water wall, we fell through the texture and ended up right next to Eva's Guardian Milenu. This is not the first time we go there on this server, but it's the first time it's happening and I need to tell you that for a lonely Dwarf and Shy Elf to be there all alone, it was frightening especially that our pt took 15mins to get to us using the standard way.
  9. Hi Nekys here are 3 geodata issues: 81570, 100923, -3592 Ant nest 43715, 173681, -3544 79748, 114048, -3688 Dragon Valley I think we should have a pinned topic where we post all geodata problems not mentioning a dedicated group that would work on fixing these issues as there are many best regards Inth
  10. https://gyazo.com/39d1ed254980fdc9af60758da5e25929
  11. this happend when i was in patriots.
  12. PJ bugged in festival, when i am lvl 19, i was walking for high climb and jump to geodata and enter in Festival. I cant exit that this instance. PM. FuuckYourAss Sorry for my english
  13. There's a bug where you fall up, it happens in ant nest, suddenly you are on the top of the hill above the nest with 1hp. This happened to me twice in different rooms in the nest as I was hitting mobs, staying in 1 place 🙂
  14. https://prnt.sc/r7i80z i tried a train in lower and this happened https://prnt.sc/r7i80z
  15. Char got stuck at Luxury's shop door and as you can see in system message it got damage by falling and no responce at any movement..
  16. PePeR

    Geodata Queue

    So, there is still one weird thing. When you move and use skill, your character does not use the skill. The character only remembers one thing to do. For example. you click on the ground to go there and then u click sit to sit there. The result is that your character will move there but it will not sit. The "sit" skill should be added to the queue to your character to do after you moved there. I think you get what I mean. Im 100% sure it should work like that with move-skill but dunno if it should queue up for example 5 times the same skill... I think it should have only 1 more action in the queue remembered no more. I think you will have to do some research about this topic because I can't tell you more
  17. So more than enough times, little rocks and clams can obscure your vision, leading to a cannot see target message. Im pretty sure many of these shouldnt happen as they are little rocks that dont even obscure pathing.They are almost flat to the ground.
  18. So, this should be fixed: but it is not
  19. There is a problem, when Im a bit lower than my target and I want to attack him, it says cannot see target... You can see my situation on the screenshots... I'm using bow as far as I know the character should be able to attack as normal when I press f3
  20. https://prnt.sc/rdy0zy
  21. Hello.So I was playing with the retail interface and today saw there is a classic too,so I set it up,wasn't able to use my skills from the other bars,but fixed that,the problem was because I wasn't at fullscreen.That,s fine,BUT ,when I change the keys to bars,they works,but it keep showing me,for example F1,F2,F3...F12 at bar 1 ,when it's set to bar 2 and it actually working for bar 2. Picture> Here
  22. https://easyupload.io/7hi2x1 Look at the video... look at the character how it moves... it should move with staright linews, but it goes like zigzagged... The pathfinding is the problem here. You can also notice that weird path finding here... https://easyupload.io/0sj92i
  23. When you hit a mob in cata it teleports you outside, my question is will it fixed today so I can enter cata and farm without seal stones dropping?
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