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Found 22 results

  1. CsN

    Geodata Swimming

    Swimming seems to be very difficult at times. For example, in the sea area above aligator island that leads to a couple of raid bosses, swimming is almost impossible. You have to be clicking constantly in order for the character to move. It feels as if it keeps bumping to invisible obstacles, which is wrong. Swimming in l2 is free roaming just like open field zones, you can click faraway and your char reaches that destination unless ofc he gets drown. Please take a look, tnx PS: feels like sometimes it happens in catacomb entrance waters too, but not in that big margine
  2. Hello, I have triend fishing in all ponds in Hot Spring and it's not possible to fish, because it gives me message: "You can't fish here." Hot Spring bait says I need 20 lvl fishing and I have lvl 23. I was tried to fish Rainbow Springs Clan Hall War Decree. I tried fish in Giran and I was able to fish there with my fishing lvl.
  3. floow is terrible after last update. Boxes on back are have to close distance to 1 character and block main.
  4. hey check pls ,moobs are falling from visual, after they reappear 🙂
  5. Every time i restart in deep WOA (Angels) client crashes and this message follows
  6. As far as Girans Golden Chamber, one cannot open a private store or craft inside. I know its a small detail but given i know for a fact that one can open those in for example Aden, its a little quality of life thing that would be appriciated. Dont know about other clan halls in giran or other towns.
  7. Sot

    Geodata bug walls

    οταν περνας διπλα απο τοιχους πχ( κατακομβες η TOI )οι χαρακτηρες κολλανε και δεν κουνιουνται κα8ολου .μονο αν παρεις το εαυτο σου target μπορεις να ξανακουνηθεις .εχω πεθανει απο τρενα χιλιες φορες απ τον ιδιο λογο .επισης καποιες φορες αν κλικαρεις καλαταθος να περπατησεις σε καποια σημεια των τοιχων στα παραπανω μερη , ασχετως αν ειναι μακρια το σημειο π κλικαρες,ο παιχτης αρχιζει να περπαταει προς τα εκει και δεν γινεται να αλλαξεις πορεια μερχι να φτασει εκει και να κολησει στον τοιχο chars get stuck when you walking close to a wall ,and u cant move untill you target your self in places for example like catas or toi
  8. Char gets stuck when clicking on wall multiple times. Same issue happened a week or so ago but was fixed after server restart ? And it re-appeared a few days ago
  9. Don't know how its in other castles. It is in Rune castle for sure You can't get ress in castle when its not a siege zone anymore.
  10. Time to time when running, char stops reacting to mouse movement commands and runs to the last command and stops. The only things that takes char from that stance, is targeting yourself, pressing ESC or making a move with arrow keys. Seems to be the issue since today's morning.
  11. on frozen labiryth ( top of stairs) is 1 pleace where couple mobs are underground - its immposs to attack them ( info is cannot see target ) even when you are near that mobs ( spot with gargoyle )
  12. There is a issue when players fall trought map, specially when running uphill and downhill. And u recieve damage because of game thinks that you fall from some hight. Can you please look in to this.
  13. As you said dear admin it`s not solved . It still works . Method : u are logged in and u log from second box to your account and get instant discconect. (this is the bug). When will be 100% solved let us know ! It is not solved !
  14. My summoned cat can't properly path from 1 mob to other when sent directly. If there is some obstacle like small rise on ground or stairs it gets stuck. It gets stuck even on places where it passes when angle of approach is changed. Best testing place - Cemetery. There it can stuck even on small rises of graves. When cat goes from mob to me after kill, it can find path to mobs better. Started yesterday (07.04.2020).
  15. there are some problems getting close to walls/corner everywhere but mostly in catas. also there its only me or there is a some serious decrease on accuracy? im missing 30-40% of the basic attacks vs same lv/lower lvl mobs then me .. evn using accuracy toggle doesnt help that much , or also too much evasion on mobs?
  16. While going to the deeps of Garden of Eva, walking by the corridors of the entrance. One of my chars got teleported to Millenu RB corridor. So i went down like 3 floors trough the floor. Can't say the exact place cause it was a box.
  17. They are bugged... look at this https://easyupload.io/vzzsh9 Pls fix
  18. Hey...watch close to the BD on follow, he felt down from GC to SV >.> ......
  19. https://prnt.sc/r7i80z i tried a train in lower and this happened https://prnt.sc/r7i80z
  20. Char got stuck at Luxury's shop door and as you can see in system message it got damage by falling and no responce at any movement..
  21. There is a problem, when Im a bit lower than my target and I want to attack him, it says cannot see target... You can see my situation on the screenshots... I'm using bow as far as I know the character should be able to attack as normal when I press f3
  22. Hello.So I was playing with the retail interface and today saw there is a classic too,so I set it up,wasn't able to use my skills from the other bars,but fixed that,the problem was because I wasn't at fullscreen.That,s fine,BUT ,when I change the keys to bars,they works,but it keep showing me,for example F1,F2,F3...F12 at bar 1 ,when it's set to bar 2 and it actually working for bar 2. Picture> Here
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