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Found 65 results

  1. So basically i have noticed some changes the last 2 days in the server regarding drop and spoil from lower lvl mobs (6+lvl difference). In the pust i was hiting with mage lower lvl mobs (6-8 lvl lower) and i was geting both drops and spoil from them (my spoiler has the same lvl as the mobs). you did very WELL and you change the drops i shouldnt get drops (adena) and now im not , but with that change you also changed the spoil (mobs just dont get BLUE to sweeper) which is not correct. I shouldnt get drop adena and stuff cause im killing the mob with higher lvl mage but the spoil is independant and i should get the spoil loot since my spoiler has the same lvl with the mobs. tldr 66 lvl spoiler - 73 lvl mage . before i was geting adena and spoil in beast farm x4 mobs, you fixed the adena that i SHOULDNT take but you also made it not to take spoil (mobs NOT geting blue) that is wrong. ty PEACE
  2. The Hatclings should be able to pick up items and herbs and keep the items on their separate inventory. Herbs should not be shared like with summoner pets. They should be able to keep magic haste potion, health potions and alacrity potions in their inventory and use them when you click on them. These items should also be able to link to the hotbar.
  3. in all servers as i play u can lure triol ( not undead monster outside trance sleep or root him outside of the door ) and when the door close the triol stay out, but in this server the triol teleport inside. like this only EE can farm pagan temple bcs they are abussing some issue with Serente of Eva. ( they lost the agro but the mob stay in the corner until the EE soe or rr )
  4. hello please check adena drop rate. example: toi lvl 0 mobs adena drop rate should be 70% according to drop calc...now is less then 30% best regards Shweppes
  5. Low level treasure boxes also should give adena/enchants when you OPEN them. For example I'm 50 and box is 30 lvl, I should still get items from that opened box. And it should be the same if Im 30 lvl and I open 70 box, I should still get the adena/items from that box
  6. Hit boxes on players and monsters are done in some really strange way. Its like they are situated in front side of character. example: i am chased by monster, facing my back to it. When i stop, it doesn't stop behind me, but it run inside me, to reach my front hit-box. When i stop running and face it with my front side, it stops in front of me normally. example2: i want to use melee short range skill to back of monster, character cant reach hit-box while facing his back, so he must run slightly around left or right side of monster For warlord and destroyers its really pain to mitigate this awkward positioning. Please take a look on it. Appreciate your work on fixes (but i also hope, than when update on next chronicle will come, you will have prepared some better files)
  7. I was pulling mobs that are grouped... in DV those 3 skeletons together and then they dissapeared... wtf is that... first time seeing something like that... why they dissapear? fix pls
  8. Picture of bug The mob is out of the necropolis, where he should be at.
  9. When hitting melee mobs from range, they will go under the geodata most of the time, run to you and reappear in front of you to attack you, kind of like the Pokemon move "dig".
  10. The problem is the mobs were chasing me... and they dissapeared... they should not dissapear while engaging with me... They should only dissapear when they are standing still not attacking anyone #EDIT Here you have my thread
  11. When monsters chase you and you use gatekeeper to tp out from cata I think they should stop chasing you and start going to their original positions? Because now they are still chasing you even if you tp out from cata... It's the same when you are in cruma tower and u tp out using GK
  12. Some monsters in Schuttgart pavel ruins area no spoil shown when u shift + click them. They show no spoil only drop, and some of the mobs show 4 drops only. Some of the golems in archaic laboratory don't show spoil. Mobs in caron's dungeon don't show any spoil and their drop is also probably not completed. I'm talking about shift + click feature here. There are probably more mobs like that in schuttgart area, since schuttgart appeared in IL
  13. I feel like they have a lot higher agro range for social, than any other mobs in the room...
  14. kano trena sta cata/necro kai eno kanonika pas se gonia kai ta mobs menoun mprosta sou (toulaxiston etsi ksero oti ginete gt to exo kani apires fores) edo ta mobs pernan apo mesa sou kai den ta piani gia na ta varesi kai oute o healer ton blepei, theoro oti auto den tha eprepe na ginete an mporis rikse mia matia euxaristo.
  15. Nekys all mobs in MOS 1 and 2 have speed about x1.5 bigger of normal. Mob Monastery Guardian in MOS 1 have very strong magic skill, mobs in mos1 are not enought agressive when you equip weapon, Holy Land mage mobs in MOS 2 are agressive in peace zone after rr. Too chars 15-20+ lvls lower of mobs getting agro of mobs without any action. Ty its must to be fixed because its not possible for trains in mos
  16. Cause i dont find bug report.. i will report here....Nekys i cant use wh deposit item in cargon with one char in same account and pick them with the other char i have already in same account....in all servers you could move items beetween chars...wtf all my time wasted? plz fix it
  17. Where are those white ghosts that give blessings for those who won the 7signs??? I see only black ones
  18. Did u checked mobs Nekys? 🙂 not fixed at all Judge Of Light mobs still shooting from big range... https://imgur.com/95KJJZJ
  19. Group monsters disappear shortly after the group leader is killed. This should not be the case. I remember on Skelth I used to kill the group leader first and after that the minions and they didn't disappear at all until I killed them.
  20. Hello everyone, there are a couple mobs in Mos that are behaving different from how they should: Guardian Of The Holy Land : They should be social not agressive, here they are aggresive, proof: https://lineage.pmfun.com/npc/22134/guardian-of-the-holy-land.html http://l2j.ru/test/index.php?p=1&id=22134 Judge Of Light : Their attack range should be 40 (Melee range) Not 500 (Archer range), proof: https://lineage.pmfun.com/npc/22132/judge-of-light.html http://l2j.ru/highfive/index.php?p=1&id=22132 This is a common issue with Java interlude servers that was fixed in later updates, you can check in any PTS interlude server this mobs are melee range even when they look like they should not. Thank you.
  21. Heya...In all my L2 servers I played , I never seen this happening before...here I saw it sometimes also but now I also recorded it, imo it is NOT ok, this....running of archer moobs...too long till he hits again(and I think he would keep running if I would not mouse click to stop attacking it and move).... can u check pls ? thx. ps: 1 more thing, on dual box I have WC, ussually when I do a skill(heal for example) I start casting and while he cast, I press f1(attack to auto follow the other char) but he does NOT get the command, I must click only after skill is done already. For sure on classic official and other I remember this worked, while some1 does a skill and press f1 attack,after skill is finished he should auto go attack the target. ty
  22. first - i am not sure if it is a bug. WC level 39 2nd class change quest - Devotion set - full buff (shield 3 etc) around 150 p. def. 1. BUG -> i came over to Tamlin Orc Arche - passive mob - i used sleep (it did work) archer hit me for ~350 non crit (WTF ?!) 2. he waked up hit me for ~350 ish 3. he hit me with crit for 950... 4. i died. I do not ramemeber this dmg to be THIS high. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Tamlin_Orc_Archer
  23. It's been said since the beta, mobs many times dont walk back after you die/leave/sleep them, leading to exploitable ways to get group of mobs out of the way of the spot you are farming permanently.
  24. Hi, I just discovered that vulnerable system doesn't work how it should be. Im exping now on westland zone and I hunt Skeleton Raider and Granite Golem mobs. Both are vulnerable to blunt weapons. I play with my palus knight and he has sword/blunt weapon passive skills and for the first time I came with 1h d grade sword but I realized that this mobs are vulnerable to blunt weapon, so I decided to go back to village to change newbie d grade weapon to 1h blunt so I should kill this mobs faster. When I back to my exp spot I discovered that I do the same dmg to mobs. I did test with sword p. atk. 64 and blunt p. atk. 64 equiped on Granite Golem: 5 hits with sword = 82, 89, 87, 87, 78 5 hits with blunt = 86, 83, 81, 87, 92 and 6th hit was 102 Overall to kill 1 granite golem it tooks me 15 hits from sword and 14 hits from blunt. Something is wrong here, vulnerable should work on every hit right? I should do 100+ dmg every hit with blunt weapon to golems, not every 6th hit... On skeletons is the same thing. Any1 can confirm that this doesn't work how it should?
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