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Found 72 results

  1. Since previous topic got locked sorry to have to make a 2nd one. All i want is to ask @nekys for the website link that you are using in order to get the items drop rates. Since the ones we are checking are apparently all wrong, please provide us with a reliable one that is also aligned with the server. At least we can do some proper searches this way. Thank you
  2. We have been farming the Primeval Island lately in order to drop Overlord amulets. While watching the item drop % chance by shift clicking the mob we noticed that the chance is greatly reduced in comparison to the original one. Same applies to all the amulets out there, but i will provide some proof about the one we are interested in. https://lineage.pmfun.com/item/8886/spellbook-victory-of-paagrio.html https://l2.dropspoil.com/item/8886/spellbook-victory-of-paagrio.html Both links are interlude related. Mob level also matches. As you can clearly see chance is 1/148, which means 0,68%. This is the drop % chance that i remember from official back then as well. However in Raidfight, not only this is not retail x2 (Drops are supposed to be x2 in website info) , it is x-11(!!!), since mobs here drop it with 0,11% Chance, instead of 1,3% (based on x2 drop rate) that should be the correct number. I am expecting immediate action in order to fix those drop rates of all Primeval Island spellbooks / amulets retail like, since this is severely affecting our game play/plan and the hours we have to invest, based on inaccurate rates. We try to help you by reporting errors, please help us back by fixing them. Thank you.
  3. 1. DO - Mobs don't drop mats when they should 2. Stakato nest - a. Spoil rate is wrong b. When mobs transform Drops are wrong and there is no spoil when they should have
  4. Hi, I wanted to confirm if the item drop list from monsters in Hero rift is correct. Especially those: This monsters should also drop normal life stones and High grade ones. https://lineage.pmfun.com/npc/21793/messenger-invader-elite-soldier.html https://lineage.pmfun.com/npc/21792/messenger-invader-elite-soldier.html Also monsters in other rooms should drop normal and high grade life stones as well. but they only drop Mid ones. Is it intended?
  5. mobss with this passive skill have almost 100% on critical hit shouldn't be like that
  6. 1. when mob die on 1 hit every other mob with social should agro always. Now when for example mage kill mob on 1 hit social agro not work. 2. When someone else is logged on character, should appear info about that in character menu : "your account is already use" now info not show
  7. Catacomb branded mob barrow overlord no going atack me.REaly very bad my farm.more hard.I no take loot +gold+more time going going.What did you do today.Yesterday I played everything was different.Today I have improved my armor and it is even more difficult than it was yesterday.I don't understand it.Yesterday and the day before it was very different
  8. As somebody mentioned in discord general chat, since the last 2 days the following of mobs has been quite bad. They dont just follow you while you train like before, but they move in front of you, block you, sometimes even move THROUGH youm which makes a puller's like REALLY frustrating. Can you take action please?
  9. on some rooms in catacombs/ necro mobs after spawn not move even when you hit them
  10. The problem is the mobs were chasing me... and they dissapeared... they should not dissapear while engaging with me... They should only dissapear when they are standing still not attacking anyone #EDIT Here you have my thread
  11. is this normal? They are social dunno, shouldn't they come on me both directly?! Oo ps: @nekys moob still falling into geodataba(into ground) here in FoM :< I posed another video some days ago,check when possible,ty
  12. just ... OMG...never saw this before :))) ..plus check the moobs falling into geodata >.< rly annoying!!!!!
  13. hi, when you hit mobs on mages they simetimes fall underground and show when they are near mages ... for example hames orc overlord deadly ginzu golem v have instant reuse on revival skill and when he have ~ 10% hp always use it and after that have full hp when you training mobs randomly change target on character which is close to route of train. That not happen with every mobs from train but with couple or somethimes 1. This is not normal
  14. Hi Nekys, The subject mob is running at the player going underneath the floor when it is engaged. If it's socially agroed we can't target it and it can be dangerous causing death. Can you please check this for a fix. Thanks.
  15. i make trains in cata i have in front of me 10 mobs and i hit the 9 why this happen?
  16. I contact you for report a bug when i finished the quest Fate’s Whisper. My CharName Is Sotlaife In game. I was finishing my sub quest at npc Reorin and at the step for giving top b Weapon, the npc dont take the dual sls in my inventory (which one i have craft for this quest) but he choose my equiped dual sls enchanted +8 and with Lifestone. This happend approximatively at 23h GMT +2 (or +3 ? don’t really know) 21/06/2020 .I think there is something wrong because the npc should choose the dual in my inventory and not the one i have equiped. In attach of this mail you will find a screeshot when succeed the +8 enchentement. https://goopics.net/i/JEZ3r https://goopics.net/i/ReADA I hope really you can help me. This dual B+8 was my unique weapon Please, verify the logs maybe you can check it to see and confirm i tell you the truth. That would be very very very kind from you. Hope it could be work. Thank you for your help. Sotlaife.
  17. hi, on monsers in hs and bs dont work social agro in hs: mobs with this same type like buffalo never agro when second is near in bs: mobs cursed guardian not agro when you hit mob near like hames orc shaman or hames orc overlord.
  18. so i noticed something that i think its a bug about having a pet and the way you get xp...i let you know that i know that pet gets xp which is depended on the dmg it did. i did 3 tests and something is wrong. All the test are on same mob 1st test. Main char 53 lvl Pet wolf 57 lvl Mob 53 lvl as you see the pet takes a portion of xp by killing the mob depended on the dmg it did 2nd test. Main char 53 lvl Pet wolf 57 lvl Party with char 67 lvl (but far far far away so the party member does not get xp) mob 53 lvl as you see i take less xp and the pet gets 2 times xp 3rd test Main char 53 lvl Pet wolf 57 lvl Party with char 67 lvl (close to party) mob 53 lvl as you see the pet again takes 2 times xp and the 1 time is way less and i also get just too little xp cause high lvl is in my party the 2nd test should be the same as 1st test cause i am too far away but the pet takes more portion of xp of me cause i am in party i will also try getting in party with 1 more member that is in a city to see
  19. somethimes mobs using something like ud i mean for example : id21353/varka-silenos-scout. When you hit this mob on mage somethimes he get half of dmg in couple hits. This is not failed attack. Simmilar situation happen on some couple mobs like warrior. I think its shouldn't be like that.
  20. ant nest trains cannot see target--->psofos :)
  21. Monsters of lower fog doesnt really do stun, they only do stuns if more characters are close to them, which is not correct, on pts they do stun even on single target. There might be more bugs on mobs in FoG, since its even easier as it should be. Magma room, those mobs which are at magma room, on way to ember shouldnt be possible to train. probably its because they have too big model to get stuck on one place, and stand in others. U should check stats/skills of all mobs in this location. Also are u sure the amount of targets with pole is correct? i think it might be 9-12, but here sometimes i hited 25+, will try to find screenshot, if i didnt delete it.
  22. Valakas, as epic boss is easy,he is using few skills and no ud at all, also he is doing fear only time to time.
  23. As the title explains, every single time you spoil either the Buffalos or the Pronghorns (Frozen Labyrinth), they proceed to disappear and spawn in their minion version, rendering the fact they have a spoil, completely useless. I proceeded in testing other possible methods, hoping there was a trick to it. Used aggro, disappeared, used stun, disappeared, damaged the mob till it has around 10% health and then spoil, disappeared. I'd like if you could check it out in hope to fix whatever is causing this abnormal behavior in the monster, as it's spoil is pretty useful and necessary for the progress of the characters. Thank you.
  24. There are way too less moobs in first big room in pagan or they respawn way too slow and addictionally, it seems that none of them drops the keys to the side rooms.
  25. Check mobs in MOS , have to hit to aggro them . smth is going wrong . aggresion range is not working.
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