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About Me

Found 103 results

  1. When trying to move member from main clan to royal guard or order of knights, nothing happens.
  2. its not apear info when invitation to party expire
  3. Hello . From the morning i have a problem with clann and alliance chat problem. When i try write something people normal see what i write but i didnt. In options i have everthing well so its kind of bug Account : DESIA
  4. Adam Daw

    Other manor

    amount of crops should depends from not only x hp mobs like here, but from xhp and lvl of mobs and type of seed should be 100% on seed when mob is in range of lvl seed
  5. L2 doesn't start. Ir goes to a black screen with L2 cursor but after a coulpe of seconds it closes. These are specs:
  6. i can't setup secondary password, i tried it on 3 pc's with all different clients and it doesnt let me activate it. (tried reinstalling the patch) and i have several clients of Inerlude, which also didnt do anything. https://imgur.com/R6Kwye0
  7. sa on duals s grade work w/o enchant +4
  8. Hi GM! I have bug with sup mp, recovery herb. When I pick it, it regen me only 60-70%, only some times 100%, for my friend and other mates in pt it works fine ( all time 100%) I`m EE, my nickname - diehappy. Pls check, fix bug! tnx, have nice day!
  9. when ee make lethal on mobs and different char finish him drop will put to elder not to last hit character
  10. 1. should be possible to register on 2 castle siege in 1 week. 1 in saturday , 2 in sunday 2. shouldynt be possible to hit walls by players, only by siege golems from craft
  11. should be in nobless teleport magical bridge in loa
  12. So i didnt come around to post this last week cause i was extremely busy with work and game was moved to the background. During last week sieges we came across something that i belive was in the end a bug, lets start at the beggining. In our alliance we decided to go after some larger castles given that they were returned to npcs following "inactive clans wipe" As you know, a clan that already owns a castle cannot, sign for another castle, that makes sense. Maybe some of you know that if you are in alliance with said clan you can't attack their castle, that also makes sense. However, given that there are no ways to "loose" a castle without someone attacking it and taking it from you, we made a decision that we are going to ask a friendly clan that is not in our alliance to act as a middle man so that WE would be registered as not owner for defense, the friendly clan will take the castle, switching US and the owners clan into Attacking side, so we can take the castle instead of previous owners. Now this seemed like a perfectly valid way to go about things, however the siege from the beggining acted strange. From the start the "defender" and "attacker" icons that show next to your nick at every siege did not show up, and after we were switched to the attacking side, we could not raise a flag, and ultimately could not take the castle, leaving it with the friendly clan that was supposed to help us. IF that is some sort of security feature then it is at the very least silly, leaving an Ally unable to menage its resources as it pleases, and even if we cant "retake" the castle that was previously owned by our Ally, the lack of icons and unability to plant a flag in itself is a serious bug.
  13. Even if i'm using alt+tab the issue appears. The temporary solution is to use alt+ctrl+del to open the task manager and then close the task manager. It helps for a while. Any sugestions?
  14. Hello Nekys, Today around 10pm-12 greek time i was storing my Mj light armor to warehouse. Apparently my warehouse was full and it stored only Main armor and gloves, the helmet and boots vanished somehow. I triple checked everything Inventory/Warehouse etc. Seems some kind of bug dont know.
  15. From this morning, i cant log in from my home network... everything working fine when i share mobile internet, but my home internet it appears to be blocked or what ever ??? any help?
  16. all mobs in cata have more speed from me......when i use agro mobs block me from all side and i cannot muve......this is from yestarday SORY BUT WHEN YOU FIX 1 BUG YOU OPEN 2 NEW
  17. Hi Nekys, My auto follow characters are stacking on top of the character followed. They need to stay back! Can you take a look at this? Thanks.
  18. At least in rune, as man goes to the pagan temple, there is completely no dmg from falling.
  19. This my second time. I vote in Topzone, and after I go ingame and dont recive the reward. Apear I must wait 11h59 seconds, but dont recive nothing
  20. The party list is completely messed up, if people start leaving and joining the party the wrong people with the the wrong class icon appear in the party. At the moment I have the same person appearing twice in my party, once as a WL and once as a PP. And there's a character not even appearing on the list because the first person takes their slot. Oh and if you try to re-arrange the party list order with alt+drag it gets even worse 🙂
  21. Could you please make it so you can store a hero weapon in your private wharehouse? I play barely under weight limit in oly and I cant store or delete my hero weapon. thank you.
  22. Is it normal when pick up cursed weapon and u r in random looting pt, random ppl for pt pick up sword? if its false report, delete it
  23. Adam Daw

    Other siege

    siege giran is in wrong week 27.06 should be in this weekend or 4 july rune 28.06 sieges is part of seal peroid dawn/dusk
  24. Can you pls add pet DMG on Floating dmg text??? Damage on Screen??? The "Miss" is already added what i mean is that when my pet misses an attack it is showing on my screen... but when it does damage its not showing
  25. hello there i have updated my pc to the newest version of windows and now i cannot launch the game... i have downloaded the new system files and deleted the old one... but still seems to not work...
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