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Found 98 results

  1. so, when I click alt + m there is that search bar for cursed weapons.. But it's empty and I cannot search for a cursed weapon. I think there should be 2 options in that bar to find. or maybe it refreshes when the cursed weapon drops in the world?
  2. when u kil the zariche owner u get karma 😄 i mean even if u dont get the wep. also keep an eye on zariche at night this guy as i kill didnt react when i atack him, he luck like a bot in garden of eva. deep deep inside.
  3. Greetings to all! I apologize in advance for my English (thanks to Google translate). Bought 19 Titan Swords to break into crystals. But instead of the required 2545 crystals from each sword, I was given only 1983. Prior to that, I broke daggers at the same cost, it gave correctly - 2545 crystals. As a result, he received less than 10678 D crystals. I hope to fix the bug and refund the difference of D crystals. Screens are attached. Nickname DORIME. https://ibb.co/RgXcfLJ https://ibb.co/KL4pzyc
  4. Hello! There are some unbalanced thing here: ppl can buy 2000 CRP for only 2DC and that totaly ruins sense of academy and not only... if on other servers with same rates after ending academy by 3 chars i can wear my main in C grade, here i can suck lolipop getting 100-200k per char... also (offtopic) offline trade for premimums... on FTP server. No one goes to dion or oren for mats & others. make autopickup drop for premiums... better revork premium...
  5. Please check the mana regeneration rate of blue wolf robe set. I see no difference on the amount of mana that I get per tick of regen I tried it on standing, on sitting, with blessing of seraphim and in and out of clan hall. Mana regeneration was not affected by the BW robe set at any of these cases.
  6. Hey, there should be a skill that increases slots for dwarven craft from fishing ( not common craft ). and I don't see it on the master ( blacksmith ). I didn't check the fisherman but I'm 100% sure this skill should be learned at master, since it's only available for crafters.
  7. Herbs started to delete same level buffs somehow.. didnt happen before now Im constantly without my windwalk lvl 2, emp lvl 3 from SE 52lvl when picking herbs.... Please fix @nekys
  8. What about hatchlings? Its suposed they're sharing your exp no matter the level difference.. I've made one and i have to lv up this by killing mobs only with hatchling. There is any issue or what ? 😄
  9. Okey, so this might be a bug but Im not 100% sure if it is. and this is quite complex too. When you trade, you have player A which is 90% overweight and player B which is 30% overweight. when you trade all of them items. So after the trade player A should have 30% overweight and player B 90% ( assuming they have the same weight capacity ) This trade won't happen. U will get message that exceeded weight limit. because what it does it adds those 30% to those 90% and it's 120% so it exceeded and it breaks. But I think the trade should be done "In the same time". If you know what I mean.
  10. and why u kicked me form discord? and what Word i used on server? i insulted someone ON PRIVATE ..PRIVATE, AND HE INSULTED ME TO
  11. Cursed weapons work here??? Zariche + Akamanah
  12. U get the cannot see target message even for physical skills. E.g. if a place is not flat, and i use deadly blow on a mob that is on a lower surface than mine, it will say cannot see target, which i think should not happen on melee skills. Not completely sure about this one though.
  13. I think Siege should be only allowed on sunday and saturday?? or I'm wrong? And there should be announcement for every siege that is taking place or something on chat... It turns out that Aden castle was taken today, in wednesday... where the server is retail like, which means should be sunday-saturday. And the best part of it is that noone even knew about it... lol
  14. hi, there are wrong ports in priest there should be ports to nearby places for example from goddard places like IT, FoG... from aden ToI 10 and other floors... and some nearby necropolis/catacombs not all at same price 10k AA
  15. PePeR

    Other eq limit

    When you have 80/80 items in eq, I can still pick one more item to have 81/80 Then when I have 81/80 items start to drop on the ground. Also when I use skill Summon Treasure Key, I can have more than my max limit... I had 83/80. I think when you are 80/80 you should not be able to get more than that. The items should drop on the ground. But what will happen when u use summon treasure key skill in town? Will it hit the ground or what? Btw, can u make soulshots retail like weight ?? I think I haven't been overweighted since I started playing here. And I think overweight should be a thing... Im carrying 10k ssc everytime and I have 40% overweight... I think it should be fixed to become retail-like, because skills/buff like weight limit are useless
  16. Cant change Gamma option whatever i choose very high , high , etc it stays the same. im using win10
  17. So, there is a PK, I hit him ( without holding ctrl ). He hits mob and he kills it and he loses his karma ( he gets white ). But me while I was hitting him he was still a bit red, and after he killed the mob he became white and then my character while it was performing an attack animation it got flagged... But I was not holding CTRL... it should not have happened..
  18. I think there is still one minor bug I could found on pets 😛 If you give your pet his food for example 100 food, and you unsummon him, and summon again. He should have this 100 food again in his backpack... just like weapon and armor. But it should not take all the food you have, only the amount he had before unsummoning. Check it pls My wolf finally bug free xd
  19. There is a bug, a minor one. When my character is performing an attack animation (is attacking a monster) I can't create soulshots... When I click on the button 'Create' it does nothing. I have to wait until my character stops hitting and then it works normally.
  20. There is no 1 Hand Blunt for exchange for C coupons on grand master. There is only 1 hand mage blunt.
  21. Hello, could you check what happened with "zigas" character? We logged in and it's inventory was totally empty. Was it a punishment for something? We did not brake any rules. Can you provide any information regarding this issue? Read all the rules: https://raidfight.eu/rules.php we did not do anything wrong. If it's wrong scamming people with misleading shop names it should be illegal to steal. We do not ask for anything in return. We just want justice and be sure that it will not happen for us again. Of course we changed both passwords after this. Please help us.
  22. This happened both to myself and my brother during different times, but in the same area and with the same seeds. We started seeding blue coda outside dion, everything was going fine but after some point the crops stopped adding up in the inventory. So the system said "You have earned 1 Blue Coda", but the inventory amount was stuck at 40. Yesterday I was seeding 4x mobs in cata and I didn't notice a similar problem, so this might have something to do with x1 seeding. Edit: Looks like a visual bug, inventory shows 40 crops but manor says I can sell 48.
  23. Hey, so there is a minor bug with pet. #1 When your character is performing an attack animation, and you have open your pet's inventory and u want to use item that he has, for example food or potions.. you can't.. You have to wait until the attack animation will end and then u can use it. #2 Also I'm not sure about this. If your pet gets higher and higher level it should get less and less food bar for using food. Which basically means you have to buy more food to feed it on higher levels. Im not sure if it's working correctly, Can you please check it? Or maybe it is getting hungry much faster with levels? I remember that when it get higher and higher level I had to buy for my wolf much more food than normally because every food give less and less hunger #3 Pet's Speed My wolf has 170 speed on herb of speed, I have 158 on herb of speed. And when I order him to attack target and I run with him in the same line, I am faster than him. How is this possible? I feel like when he has 137 speed or 170 speed, it doesn't matter, he has the same speed all the time. without buffs I have 125 speed and my wolf has 137. And I run faster than my wolf... #4 Pet's Weight When my pet is overweight = more than 66,6% weight he still has the same movement speed as without it... I think it doesn't work on my wolf. It shows it's almost 80% overweight but he has no penalty for that
  24. I cannot be sure that the behavior present in the game is retail or not, as i haven't played retail on this patch, but here's some hiccups i found compared to other places i've played Interlude on: - When a Hatchling picks up buff herbs, the herbs only last 1 minute instead of 2. - When the owner of the Hatchling picks up herbs, the herbs do not apply to the Hatchling too, contrary to when the Hatchling picks up any herb, the herb effects apply to both the Hatchling and its summoner.
  25. While alt tabbing to box clients and using in game macros on my characters (ex: buff macro, dance/sing macro, follow macro) I noticed the lineage 2 client gets sluggish over time and they lose performance a lot. The only solution at the moment is to restart all my lineage 2 clients. Can something be done about this? I hate restarting my lineage 2 clients every 30 min because of this.
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