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Found 32 results

  1. You can use Deluxe Chest Keys on water wall... it does nothing but u still can use those
  2. Hi, I am doing the Saga of Eva's Saint and I encountered a problem at the third Tablet of Vision. This is where I am supposed to fight the undead quest monster and its minions. When I first got here, I lethaled the main monster and finished it. It did not drop a quest item, but I also cannot spawn a new one by talking to the tablet. I can select "examine the area carefully" but when I click it no new monster spawns for me to kill. Therefore, I am unable to get the 3rd resonance amulet and talk to the tablet to continue quest. I've tried relogging or waiting for over 30 minutes but nothing changes. I think I might have been in party when i kill the quest monster... but normally I should be able to spawn another monster to try get item again. I hope i can get some help! Best Megeek
  3. Hello, I have an issue where my warcryer is not getting quest items from the 700 part from his 3rd class change. The quest got originally bugged at the tablet in woa where the mob Saharuhi Mouth Mudaha would not spawn. Gm Margkk helped me by spawning the quest item in my inventory so I could continue with the quest, however now that I have reached 700 I am not receiving quest items. https://imgur.com/hpVmZH5 I do believe this bug will not happen to anyone else (there are plenty of 3rd class warcryers in the server already). We have been delayed already for 2 days with this quest, could we please get this fixed? Thank you.
  4. Hey, I think when u spoil mobs and they die, the corpses should last much longer than it is now.. they dissapear after not even 10 seconds... Normal not spoiled mobs should dissapear like now, but spoiled one should last longer, just because of the AoE spoil Can you check it pls?
  5. Missing dialog option in the quest:
  6. i speak with andellia in elven village and she doesnt say me to continue with black wilow so i cant finish quest
  7. Hey these items from ants ( Amber Bead ) you get 5 items per ant... I think it's too much you need 70 of those... I remember I used to get it for 1 from each ant
  8. hello. i have werehouse keepers pastime quest in progress.. i colected 179 medals. the quest says that that either you loose or win , you will get a reward. i lost 6 times and i spend 60 medals and i didnt recieved any reward.. thanks
  9. Hello, I'm Spoiler level 35 and i wanted to start 2nd class quest which start at 35 if i'm correct. I followed this tuto :https://lineage.pmfun.com/list/quest/trial-of-the-guildsman I'm stuck at this step : 1.5 Gludio Castle Town - Blacksmith Pinter (Blacksmith) = Asks you to hunt Worker Ants at Wastelands for Amber Beads. Earn: Recipe: Amber Bead, Pinter's Instructions (Disappear: Altran's Recommend2). Here what the NPC says when i talk to him : "This isn't a place for children. Find me when you gain more experience. Then i will help you to pass the trial of Guildsman" https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=20/13/oa1h.bmp Should i be higher level than 35 ? I tried to go ahead and start farming Ant (Captain etc...) but i'm not droping the quest items.
  10. There is some problem with quest "Clean up the swamp of screams". Quest items "Talons of stakato" must drop unlimited and change by 100 items to other quest items. On this server drop stops after you get 100 "Talons of stakato". #FixIt
  11. that quest dont have limit for items, here we have broken limit 100 items in inventory, fix it Clean Up the Swamp of Screams
  12. I made quest, got Sin eater, summon him while killing mobs, and all he eats is food for wolfs. Is DC the only way to repent sins on this server?
  13. I see a problem on the quest :To lead and be led. If you have a character who all ready do it and you make him a sponsor,the quest npc at the time you have to give the cry D, tell you you all ready have end the quest.
  14. Hello. Seems the changes in Changelog 6 didnt fix something or changed something in that quest. Me and another clan member spend hours per day trying to make 1 Heart of Paagrio Amulet without any progress, and I am saying progress because nothing comes back in return from quest. Plz dont comment, ts just a post for the admins. HF all and cya ingame Cheers Reco, Bloodbound Clan
  15. https://imgur.com/a/MgjxzVP I dont know what files are you using, but this quest should work now not december 20 what it says 😄
  16. I have found some possible bug in "Legacy of Insolence" quest. Problem: Papyruses drop wrong items according to l2j.ru database and lineage2media.com . For example: Item Blueprint: Tower of Insolence, 13th should drop only from WHITE and BLACK papyrus. I got 25 of them from RED papyrus. So far i could not find any drop chance table that would be correct to what I see in game.
  17. I spent 4-5 hours with destro and full support, trains mobs non stop, and now i have 22 quest items. Is it retail?
  18. I got at the part from NPC Petron (Talking Island) tells me to go kill Q moob Nahir in Elven Ruins...I did it like 4-5 times, I do not get the Quest Item after....
  19. Quest is broken. Did over 20 times. get only 1st class books from shop like battle heal and ice bolt. Not even close to that 10% as you've mentioned in closed topic. Make this quest like it should be (retail like)
  20. hey, in quest the other side of truth there there is not spawned NPC Misa in lake please fix
  21. @nekys please check this topic, quest seems like its bugged, also will you consider to add HoP amulet to donate shop maybe: https://forum.raidfight.eu/index.php?/forum/21-bugs-issues/&do=add thanks
  22. It is not possible to receive a quest "Pleas of Pixies" from NPC Pixy Murika (Elven Village).
  23. Hi Nekys, I think this was reported on beta server. I made the scavenger quest (pre spoiler) and when I finished I obtained around 3k exp and 5k sp. For what I've read the average amount of exp obtained should be around 80k. I know is not much, but it's honest work.
  24. In this quest Trader Sonia has to do essence from 40 mandragora roots. I give them to her, but she do nothing. Is there some bug or i do smth wrong?
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