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Found 16 results

  1. Raid curse does not affect players who are in shadow dance, even if they are buffing the raid boss/minions of the raid boss more than 8 levels lower than them. Another issue is that raid curse can be removed by usage of cleanse, only petrification persists.
  2. Hello, If you are debuffing (gloom) or nuking someone that is currently killing a raid boss that is out of your reach, you will get raid curse. For example you are trying to low your titan box with nuker, you get silence. I highly doubt it should work like that. I think for some reason it counts it as buffing. Please give a check on that. Thanks
  3. Frintezza spawn time in-game seems not to be the same as the one stated in the website features. You can read in the server features : Frintezza - 48-50h We killed Frintezza at 19:35 Gtm +1 of the 5th of May, therefore the window should have started at 19:35 od the 7th. Hoewever we noticed people camping the npc before the window was suposed to start and by the time the real window started enemies we arlready in the instance. There are 2 possible scenarios here: 1) Window stated in the website is incorrect and real window its actually 46-48h 2) Respawn time of Frintezza starts when you enter the instance instead of when you kill it. Could you pelase look into this and give us accurate information of when the next Tezza window will start? Thank you.
  4. I list some of the bugs we encountered when we test tezza in beta since in 10 days tezza will spawn ( I hope so..) 1)Check pdef/hp of the 6 fat mobs in the 2nd room. In beta they had x10 2)Check the cooldown of frintezza instance if someone fails it. In beta we had to wait 2 hours before we enter again. 3)Check the hp/pdef of the allarms in 1st room. 4)Check the doors in 2nd room if they should close after you kill the skeletons in the middle and the mobs spawn. 5)Check shadow dance because it didnt work in 2nd room and mobs still aggro you. 6)Before you enter in tezza, every party leader must register his party at npc and have quest item on him.Here there is no option to register your party After 1st tezza experience i list what we found. 7)The most important one : Drops and adena are joke fix the chances https://prnt.sc/s8vifj 8)the fat mobs in second room drop only 1 broken arrow 9)When you pass the 2nd room and go to boss room, instance needs more time to start than usual 10)Tezza is for sure not Interlude based the way she attacks and the dmg cannot be sustained bcz we dont have defensive dark attribute in armors like Gracia Final 11)Tezza went from 1st form to the 3rd skipping the 2nd one
  5. Anakazel (78) did not seem to appear today when ported to red room. Teleport was missing too so had to re-log with all chard to get out of it.
  6. Title. Orfen respawn time on website is wrong
  7. Hello, We were killing Vanhalter this afternoon inside his room with the side doors closed when an enemy clan came and started attacking us through the closed doors. That wasnt the main issue as we managed to get out of their bow range. The main bug abuse was that they pulled the raid outside of his room through the doors and proceeded to kill it there. Pic 1 : Enemy outside, pulling the raid https://imgur.com/Rkjz37v Pic 2: Drops from the bug abuse https://imgur.com/v7VsYM0
  8. Hello, Gordon drop list: https://lineage.pmfun.com/npc/29095/gordon.html I dont know if its actuall but gordon does drop demon splinter blades but on drop list there is no full item - demon splinter. Can you check it?
  9. Angel Slayer as full drop is missing from drop list Also 2 times we got ''Congratulations! Your raid was successful'' ! check the drop chances please
  10. Turn undead skill have to effects http://l2j.ru/test/index.php?p=19&skid=1400 1. Lethal Strike is possible 2. Make fear on monster. While killing shax bishop used that skill and RB get the 2nd effect of skill. Succes rate of it was pretty high, almost all attempts we did landed on raidboss. Please check it.
  11. Sailren instance doesnt start when u enter the area of the boss. Also check the quest ''Attack the Sailren'' it took about 4 hours to make it
  12. Boss Room is working like normal room. Second room from start rift Video Youtube
  13. The boss room should not have a time limit. But now it working like normal room.
  14. Good Morning. Command experience is not shared equally across all partys
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