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Found 50 results

  1. I think there is a problem with the cat and pony buff.It should last 5 minutes if im not mistaken but it lasts two..can u have a look please?
  2. Skills doesnt work at all. Hex dont land/IF doesnt work/vicious doesnt work plz fix it.
  3. There is half lethal out there, but where is the second lethal? that leaves you with 1hp? the FULL lethal? or maybe is it only from lethal blow?
  4. The issue with not being able to perform Recharge on pets at all has been fixed, but now Recharge just does nothing to them. 😂 Was thinking that it could be the level difference, but i remember recharging high level dwarves for soulshots, so.... it's a bug.
  5. PePeR

    Skill Blow bugs

    When u miss with the blow it still consumes the soulshot... When u hit with the blow it makes no sound of critical hit.. it actually should. I checked it on deadly blow/ mortal blow. Fix pls
  6. Hello, I think this skill works kind of wrong. Now the skill works like this: When mobs chase you and they are far away, you use it. And Mobs are STILL chasing you while you are on the ground... and when they are near you and see that they cannot attack you, they lose target and they go away. Also there is a bug with archers, with current system how this skill works. Archers still hit you when you are on the ground doing fake death. How this should work (in my opinion). When mobs chase you and they are far away, you use the skill. And they should immediately stop chasing you and lose target. not after they reach you with meele range, but immediately you use the skill they should stop chasing. I'm not sure, please check it, also check bug with archers I died 3 times because archers didn't stop attacking me after fake death.
  7. Follow up from my previous thread, this is still a problem. It doesn't appear to be a skill issue but rather a shortcut issue. If I assist once to select my party's target and manually mouse press on a skill, it works. If I press on my shortcut though, it doesn't. I'm on enter chat and my key bindings are first row set to 1,2,3...=
  8. Dunno why but now I can't create keys... it says inventory is full when I have 18/80 and I'm 80% weighted
  9. So the skill holy weapon is supposed to give a bonus physical holy damage to physical attacks. Here it also turns a spells element to holy. This means: A necro death spike can be of holy element, making pretty much every undead monster in the game to require 1 less spell cast to kill. It only converts element, doesnt give bonus damage, a cleric's disrupt undead wont do more damage, as its alrdy of holy element. All mages being able to be super effective against holy-weak mob is big, there are places with all mobs being weak to holy, so u can farm them with pretty much double empo.
  10. This skill doesnt hit all mobs like he should. Sometimes hit only 1 mob ( the selected one ). When have time, check this pls.
  11. When i attempt to use recharge from my Elven Oracle on my Hatchling of Star, a message pops up saying i can't do that the same way it pops up when one tries to recharge a recharger. Mind you, the Hatchling of Star does not have any recharge abilities, only a small self-heal. At the time of detection of this issue my EO was level 31 and my Hatchling was level 35.
  12. kalispera agorasa ena cursed maingauche kai den exei piasi pote to SA pithanon den leitourgei
  13. So i took newbie buffs.Then buffed up with pp (haste effect 2 overwritten newbie haste effect 1). When i was picking up herbs, after the herbs' duration was over, my haste buff kept switching from the Prophets' to the Newbie Helpers'. This kept happening back n' forth. E.g. Pick up herb > herb is over > now i have newbie haste > pick up herb > herb is over > now i have pp haste > pick up herb > herb is over > now i have newbie haste. Etc. Also herbs sometimes delete buffs, but i think thats alrdy reported.
  14. Hi. Using the macro repeated times turns to macro stop working. I tested multiple times with the skill being 100% ready to use.After the 1st or second time the macro stops working (it doesnt do anything).
  15. greater heal effect removes hp potion effect (greater too). EDIT: when u fix this, you can check other things: 1. char cant trade when dead with /target and trade, only char which is alive can trade dead character 2. u cant /target ppl while private storing (i know its not gameplay bug, but it should be like this)
  16. So many levels ago I thought this skill deals very low damage but now I noticed something weird. I use deadly blow with Soulshot - 600 damage. without soulshot - 500 damage. Is it okay? I think it should increase the damage by 2x when using soulshot or not? It seems a bit low the damage from deadly blow for 600... Could u pls confirm this?
  17. I just had tested with a friend. I casted fear on his Feline King and he fled for one second then returned to normal status. is this all right?
  18. hi Turn Undead work only as lethal but never happend to me to fear mob, btw did you fix fear skill already?
  19. After several tests I've done in MDT on equal level, equal geared, full buffed characters (necro vs OL) I've come to the following discoveries: 1. Curse of Abyss lasts only for 1-2 seconds. 2. Mass fear lands 100% of the time, but only lasts for 1 second. 3. Mass mage bane (probably mage bane from other classes as well) does not remove empower, it only removes acumen. 4. Mass warrior bane (probably warrior bane from other classes as well) does not remove haste, it only removes wind walk.
  20. Hello, I crystallized Blast Plate and I hadn't received a D-Crystals. It's probably beacuse I have 100/100 items in my inventory, but It should not allow me to crytallize then. Nick: Keez
  21. If i attack mobs with pole and someone flaged come to my range i will flag on him without targeting him or using forceattack. maybe it works on all aoe skills, but thats not confirmed.
  22. As title says, toggle skills (accuracy, vicious stance etc.) should be always the last in the row of buffs. Right now they are treated as normal buffs.
  23. So if I assist a party member by right clicking on their name, I get their target. If I double right click on their name, I'll auto attack their target. However, if I try to use a skill like aggro or a damage skill it won't work. Please look into this 🙂
  24. when you frenzy while on guts, it doesn't swap to frenzy. this is a bug. it should switch over.
  25. Summoners PET DMG dont count on party XP. Party get 0 exp from damage done by pet. bug only exist if summoner is in party**** Solo killing with PET alone = normal XP. Solo killing with PET in party = 0 XP for everyone. Helping party with PET dps = pet dps dont count to EXP for anyone. EXP from pet DMG get lost somewhere.
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