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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Just wanted to know your opinion about increasing craft/buy/sell slot ? Default are : I think 20 crafts in the list when you set a shop. And 4 for sell / buy ? I'm not thinking about like 10k slots but fews more could be nice ? Or thinking about something that we can increase with Donation Coin ? Thanks for your feedback.
  2. BeoWuLF

    Few changes

    Hello 1. I pvp vs mages last time and i get fear. it's ok but not for 10 sec c'mon. On low lvls (60+lvls) that gonna destroy all warrior. I please change it to max 5 sec. 2. On few server's i characters ignore unit collision in town. Maybe u can do that and it will be good idea to move in town market
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