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Found 2 results

  1. Legion Clan is accepting war and stopping it just to bully people from our clan. They only accept when they are like 6 against 2. And after killing us or at least try it, they stop the war, it's the third time they do it. I've Played in official Servers and there were like 500 Clan Reputation penalty. To explain it better. Is a war so it has a winner and a loser clan. And the system takes 500 Fame Points from the loser clan to the winner clan (In official servers). I guess is the way that NCsoft found to avoid the exploit of this situation. So they farm fame points from war and stop the war without any penalty, they are doing an abuse from this exploits that let them farm easy clan points whenever they want. Or just taking a spot or raid without PKing. The game has its way to punish the killing without pvp and they are avoiding it without taking the risks the game uses to balance itself. So they are making an abuse of an exploit without reporting it.
  2. Gamebraking and promoting toxicity?! Reply ↓below↓ with your opinions Description: This cash shop item(tradable) removes 6 PK from your character's account. The cost is 1€ but the cost to the time it takes for the victim and community as a whole is priceless. Due to on how this "item" completely destroys the exponential RED time after killing someone who did or could not defend himself which is the worst thing you can do in Lineage 2 by wasting there time used to get buffed and go to the farm spot and farm -4%(lost on death) which at lvl 65+ even on 3x exp from town to farm +4% is more than 10-15 minutes or more depending on level. Breakdown: (estimates not tested but it's pretty close) The Retail PK system karma points scale exponentially for example: 1PK = 250 karma points (at level 50+ on a 3x exp rate means you kill one same level mob karma score is removed and become instantly white/purple) PK time lost 1-10 (kill a mob)seconds to clear karma vs Victim 10-15 Minutes 2PK = 500 PK time lost 10-20 seconds to clear karma vs Victim 10-15 Minutes 3PK = 1000 PK time lost 30-40 seconds to clear karma vs Victim 10-15Minutes 4PK = 2000 PK time lost 40-50 seconds to clear karma vs Victim 10-15 Minutes 5PK = 4000 PK time lost 50sec-1min+ seconds to clear karma vs Victim 10-15Minutes 6PK = 8000 PK time lost 1 minute+ seconds to clear karma vs Victim 10-15Minutes 1€÷6=16.6/victim that will be the cost for each of the 6 players totalling a 60-90minutes lost, not taking into account the frustration caused and that the majority will be undergeared/underleveled vs the PK. Now the worst part is under 5 PK count the red characters do not drop items on death witch is fine as a learning curve but resetting to zero every 5 PK is an exploit with zero risk. Question is: Is it really worth upsetting 6 people and wasting there time for 16.6p rinse and repeat. I am taking into account that opening/promoting and monthly server costs are high but the cost in time and to the community members is also high. So here are some solutions:(if the scroll is removed, most of them are consumables and time savers and not wasters) *trying not to break the economy too much but please post your suggestions i'll add them there is not a lot of stuff that can be added to the cash shop and keep the economy and balance intact 100% retail like there must be a compromise now help find it. Sell extended full buff scrolls so people can get in to fights/farming and enjoy it for longer(price needs to be adjusted so support classes are more viable than pay and make a whole in your pocket) Sell teleport scrolls to specific locations (time save) Sell Noblesse buff not skill(maybe extended duration for value but still lost on death) and specific skill books Premium feature: Increased HP/MP recovery while out of combat and not flagged (inventory weight and time but will also depreciate the value of rechargers support classes) Scrolls that reduce karma (to a certain minimum so it avoid expoits and gives a revange window) Room for ideas just drop something Room for ideas just drop something Room for ideas just drop something In any case if the scroll is not removed at least a change so it will keep a minimum of 20 PK count so it cannot be exploited and would give the victim enough time to come back and get revenge and maybe a lucky drop, additionally increase the price exponentially for additional purchases but this would also bound it making it a non tradable item.
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