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Found 1 result

  1. Legion Clan is accepting war and stopping it just to bully people from our clan. They only accept when they are like 6 against 2. And after killing us or at least try it, they stop the war, it's the third time they do it. I've Played in official Servers and there were like 500 Clan Reputation penalty. To explain it better. Is a war so it has a winner and a loser clan. And the system takes 500 Fame Points from the loser clan to the winner clan (In official servers). I guess is the way that NCsoft found to avoid the exploit of this situation. So they farm fame points from war and stop the war without any penalty, they are doing an abuse from this exploits that let them farm easy clan points whenever they want. Or just taking a spot or raid without PKing. The game has its way to punish the killing without pvp and they are avoiding it without taking the risks the game uses to balance itself. So they are making an abuse of an exploit without reporting it.
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