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Adam Daw

some sugestion about votting

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as we probably know, manor will be off on server because our Admin want save economy in good in good state. I think this is good idea and i approve that. 

Imo should be add votting system with rewards like per vote 1-4 tradable vote coins which could be exchange to some items like runes 15 % exp sp, BOG's maybe some hats that will be soo good motivation to make votting every 12 h :) and will save server economy .

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Vote Reward System with a 12 hour Voting Crystal that Increases your M. Atk, P. Atk, M. Def, P. Def, Casting Speed and Attack Speed by 4%
you get it everytime you vote. I think that such boost is enough.
Runes are given by gm every few days / check announcments.
BOG's should stay as they are - only from oly/manor.
Hats can be bought by dony coins. Accesories are mostly the reason ppl are buying them via rf store or from a market.

If you want something more from a vote i can only suggest cp pots/qhp which are mostly used in pvp.

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