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Bonus if party members have different IPs

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I think it is ok that box is allowed... with 3 / 9 boxes... everyone has 1-2-3 laptops in house now so you can full party all the time... but it is boring... i dont think anyone does it...

but everyone has 1-2-3 supports... which is ok but not all the time.

This issue has a double edge... Is good on one side... bad on another...

I see everyday a lot of supports looking for party and cannot find for hours... because everyone has supports now boxed...


Is it possible to add a bonus to the party if all (or some) partymembers have different IPs ? like in drop rate or xp/sp... something less than premium account of course... but to be something there...

I think and i hope this will encourage people to play together like this game is meant to be played... at least in the rush hour when a lot of people are online, they should play together...

all catas are full of 1 people with 2-3-4 boxes farming rooms.... you dont see more people playing together anymore and maybe this is a suggestion to encourage this...


Or if my idea is stupid... maybe you guys can think of something... to use party matchmaking or sometghing.... to encourage this becase i think it is very important... otherwise people will start to get bored and they dont even realize why...

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Posted (edited)

I personally hate boxing more then 1 char, but tbh this game and especially interlude are so badly balanced and certain classes have nothing to provide except buffs that you dont have any other choice then to box a whole party.

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