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RaidFight's Open BETA Information.

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The open beta test server for the upcoming RaidFight game server will take place on Monday 24th of February, 2020 at 20:00. [GMT+2]

Available BETA - Special Features
- newbies spawn in Giran Town
- free leveling up (to any level you desire) *use .lvl command
- free armory up to  S-Grade *use .test command
- free npc buffer with 2-hour buff time *use .buffer command
- free noblesse status *use .baron command
- free adena & donation coins
- enabled olympiad games with 4-hour hero circle
- safe enchant +3 & maximum enchant +16 (with 56% normal scroll chance & 60% blessed scroll chance) but maximum enchant +6 in olympiad games for the beta server

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